Saturday, November 12, 2005


Since the wedding cliff story seemed to get you guys going, try this one on for size (hint: it involves Cinderella, Mickey Mouse AND Never-Never Land):

Sometimes it’s not about the weather conditions but the mere cost that puts guests on edge about destination weddings. If you plan on having this type of event, at least make sure that the costs are limited to airfare, hotel accommodations and/or transportation. When you impose ridiculous “extras” on your guests, they begin to wonder why they decided to attend in the first place.

Take, for example, the experience of my friend Jillian, who was a guest at her cousin’s wedding in Anaheim, California. Apparently, Jillian’s cousin was having the rehearsal dinner and dessert reception in the Disneyland park. Naturally, therefore, the bride and groom had all the guests attending the dinner buy the tickets to get into the park themselves. Let me repeat that. A bride actually had the audacity to have a destination wedding at Disneyland where the guests would have to foot the bills for entrance!

This outrageous behavior would have been bad enough by itself, but Jillian was not even invited with her fiancé (I'll get to guest-lists and MAJOR don'ts related to that subject later). I honestly have no good explanation for this type of behavior, but I certainly believe that anyone who could subject their guests to this type of expense (and then, adding insult to injury, not even invite them with a date!) should have Peter Pan and Goofy crash the wedding ceremony.

Whether it’s at Snow White’s castle or on a cliff at the edge of the earth, it’s important to realize that destination weddings don’t always mean fun and games for the guests who must make the trek to celebrate with you. While the images of the balmy breeze and the lapping waves may appear attractive to you, please make sure that you have run your ideas by neutral parties (NOT simply your wedding planner or husband-to-be!) before you book the Four Seasons in Hawaii, or the Napa Valley Mariott Resort & Spa.

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