Thursday, November 10, 2005


After reading the title of this entry and saying to yourself in exasperation, "Wedding Fairy, you're such a liar," you may want some reassurance: I SWEAR this following story is true. But first, a little background:

If you’re willing to live with the fact that a destination wedding will surely cause great expense for your guests, the next inevitable step is to make sure that your location does not err on the side of ridiculous. As indicated by the following story, the most important thing is to RUN YOUR IDEAS BY A NEUTRAL PARTY. Otherwise, you may end up in the proverbial wedding doghouse without even realizing it.

Take this example about a woman who failed to see how her own desires equated to extremely selfish (and potentially dangerous) behavior. “My sister has a great bridal story where the bride wanted so badly to be married at the top of some cliff in Maine, and it rained, and she still expected people to literally hike up this muddy path in heels and dresses to the spot. 90-year-old grandma too." This is straight from an email I received from one of my sister's friends.

Although it may be true that this bride went to great lengths to plan a wedding in a special locale, when weather conditions make it undesirable or hazardous (particularly for elderly guests in this situation!), the idea of a “destination wedding” merely becomes another example of a woman unwilling to respect the well being of others. If you are going to try and plan a ceremony and/or reception in an exotic or unique location, at least make sure to have an acceptable back-up plan that will make you happy-- as well as your guests. No one--particularly not your 90-year old grandmother for pete's sake!--should have to hike up a cliff on a wet, muddy day, in order to attend your nuptials because it makes you happy.

Why not? Simply because it's not a good enough reason. If you can’t let go of these types of plans, or create a backup game-plan with your guests in mind, do it for yourself--believe me, you’re going to have lost the respect of many a friend and family member if you make them go through with such ridiculousness.


Anonymous said...

i am currently planning my own wedding...and i feel really out of my element. i think i'll definitely be checking this site often to make sure i'm not making these mistakes! :)

Megan said...

Hi. I think your examples and lessons learned are great! Me too, I am in the midst of planning.

Anonymous said...

someone should have tossed the bride off that cliff ....

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love your blog, and am so happy to have stumbled across it. I am starting to plan my wedding for next year.
I vow, here, now, and today, to not be one of "those" brides!!
Keep 'em coming!