Wednesday, December 21, 2005

"But I'm So Busy" : Avoiding the WeddingWarpZone (Part III)

Although my feet feel like they're about to fall off (having walked MUCH, MUCH more than normal due to the transit strike), I wanted to write a short post to conclude my three-part series of the WeddingWarpZone.

Ironically, this tunnel vision attitude can linger.... even after the "big day" is long gone.

My point? Even after you become "Mrs. I'mTheHappiestBrideEver", DON'T FORGET YOUR FRIENDS!

A friend just emailed me the following point, which I hadn't considered (But you should!): "Your latest entry is very informative and a GREAT one. Also, you should mention how AFTER you get married, not to neglect your friends either! I have been a bridesmaid for two people I considered my best friends in college -and now I don't talk to one of them at all and the other I get the perfunctory Christmas card each year or an e-mail forward."

Hmmm. That isn't very friendly! Read on...

"I know married couples disappear off the friend radar, but if you were the bridesmaid you'd think there was a good reason you were chosen and you wouldn't necessarily be one of those people."

Point well taken.

Having seen how the WeddingWarpZone can happen during the wedding planning, I wanted to post something short and sweet about making sure it's avoided--even after the party is over.

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