Wednesday, December 14, 2005

DO be that Bride: Giving Thanks to Level-Headedness (Part Two)

Since I bandy about the word "don't" in so many of my posts, I wanted to take a moment to return to an earlier topic, where I take some time to celebrate the brides who DO make fabulous decisions, and are thinking five steps ahead of me.

Take, for example, the concept of the Destination Wedding. I spoke a little about DestinationDisasters, and how a lack of awareness can leave guests in the dark (or in the red!)

A friend of mine sent me this story about a destination wedding she attended, which, to me, really emphasizes the elegance with which this bride carried herself (and the thoughtfulness she showed to her guests).

"My friend Sara got married in Italy. [She] only had 60 people at the wedding - outside Florence, at a little church, and then a reception at a villa overlooking Florence. The smartest thing she did was warn me a year in advance, which meant she really wanted me there, and I could search for the best flights and routes with frequent flier miles and plan a nice trip to Italy at the same time."

Sounds good so far -- planning a destination wedding far in advance in order to give guests time to book flights and save money is super thoughtful. Read on....

"She also sent out a very comprehensive list of hotels in Florence and Fiesole (town where the wedding was) with phone numbers, websites, emails addresses, prices and descriptions so we could book way in advance since it was summer tourist season."

The bride made very sure that all of her guests were taken care of and didn't expect people to fend for themselves. Definitely a do!

"And then, because she knew everyone traveled so far for her wedding, and since it was so small and clearly the guests were all close friends and family, she wrote every single person a very personalized thank-you card that was waiting for us at the rehearsal dinner."

The fact that this bride made each guest feel "at home" at her wedding---even when it was out of the country--very much highlights her thoughtfulness and her careful planning. Sometimes it's the little details that make all the difference, and it may come down to a handwritten note that is what the guest remembers--not necessarily the floral arrangement.

I'll wrap up this destination wedding "do", but I think it's worth mentioning that I think these are valuable lessons--just as much as the "don'ts" (which I will be getting back to tomorrow!) :)

Stay tuned!

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