Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Grand Entrance or Grand Ridiculousness? The "Introduction of the Bride and Groom: Part One"

Since I touched upon this in my Nutcracker post (the grand entrance), I wanted to start this extremely large topic with a particularly short anecdote--just to get the ball rolling.

Before I do, I wanted to note that the "grand entrance," or the beginning of the reception where the MC/band leader introduces the happy couple (and they walk in to a standing ovation from their guests), is a complicated subject.

The entrance can be done tactfully, gracefully, or not at all (and it's YOUR choice! Don't let convention make your mind up for you).

However, there are definitely tricks of the trade which I believe that every bride-to-be should keep in mind. There are certain ways of doing the entrance that are classy and tactful--and won't surprise/overpower your guests (or may make them wonder if they're at the circus).

An example of this over-the-top behavior which should be avoided is from one of BigSis's best friends (who I also know pretty well from years past), who told me the following story about a friend of hers:

"My friend Sharon was at this wedding in Kansas City where they had the "Grand Entrance" for the Mr. and Mrs. Couple and they played the theme from 2001: Space Odyssey
"Introducing...daaaa...daaaa...... da-duuuuuuuhhhhhnnn! (drums beating dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun)... Mr. and Mrs. Couple!!!" They swept through the door. Yeah..... no."

The first rule of the game is to make sure that your Grand Entrance doesn't turn into something that seems, well, other-worldly. If it's something that you think is more dramatic than you see on Days of Our Lives wedding sequences, my advice would be to avoid it. Using the Space Odyssey theme song definitely falls into that category.

The more dramatic, over-the-top entrances may turn into something more akin to a performance. It's something, I fear, that guests may not understand or feel all that comfortable with--why else do you think that Space Odyssey story was told to me in the first place?

Although I'll wrap it up for now, I can promise there will certainly be more within this topic to talk about later.

Stay tuned!


Megan said...

I agree, I think it is unnecessary for the most part. If the guests don't know who we are and that we just got married, whose wedding ceremony did they just attend? In the one and only wedding I have been a bridesmaid in, this caught me totally by surprise, being announced as a bridesmaid- I mean really, the groom's great Aunt Edna doesn't care who the fourth bridesmaid is and how she knows the bride. I think that we will not have this part at our wedding.

stephanie said...

oh, come on!! it isnt really introducing the couple to the people like they dont know them, it is a fun way to introduce them for the first time as a married couple. i think its fun. yes, the space odyssey was a bit overboard, but im sure it was just meant to be fun. party poopers!

Lisa said...

I'm with Megan. My personal feelings are that the "grand entrances" are rather fake. I had to talk my fiance out of doing one because I just won't make a fool of myself like that. I am trying to find a way around it still, all advise columns or knot.com articles seem to talk about "which song to use for your grand entrance" not, "here's how to skip the tacky grand entrance without it being anti-climatic." Afterall, what separates cocktail hour from reception? Ideas welcome. Side-note, I'm what you'd call an non-traditional bride.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Stephanie... Don't take life too seriously... Seriously = boring... It is your wedding. You can do whatever you want. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

im gettin married and when we enter we are playing lets get ready to rumble and joggin in to the music