Wednesday, January 18, 2006


It's funny how, when it comes to transportation at weddings, your boyfriend can begin to feel like your mom.

I was a bridesmaid in a wedding for one of my best friends from law school, and the event was held in her hometown of Wichita.

Needless to say, Wichita was far, far away from the city I call home. It was great that TallGuy was able to attend the wedding and very considerate of my friend (and her then-fiance) to invite him. However, I didn't anticipate that TallGuy would morph into CarPoolGuy for the long weekend.

As I had so many events to attend (the bridal shower, rehearsal at the church, bachelorette party, and more), TallGuy chauffered me around in our Chevrolet Montecarlo rental car, and dropped me off at the various events. At that point, TallGuy would retire to the comfort of our hotel room while I participated in the bridesmaid activities.

I began to feel like TallGuy was like Soccer Mom, and we should have rented a MiniVan (just for effect). Although there really was no way to avoid the scenario (as I left TallGuy with the car in case he wanted to explore Wichita instead of holing himself up in the hotel), I found his newfound role slightly amusing.

When brides-to-be have weddings where many of the guests are from out of town (and one-half of the couple is also taking part in the wedding), this becomes an inevitable scenario. The best way to ALLEVIATE the effect is to ensure that you're thinking about all wedding issues in CONJUNCTION with one another.

If you know that many of your guests will be coming from out of town, then it's important to think about how best to accommodate those who are traveling to make it to your special day. Sure, you may not be able to control the CarPool Effect that I describe above. But, you DO have control over seating arrangements, for example. If TallGuy and I were able to sit together at the ceremony and reception, I may have felt as if I had been able to spend more time with him for that long weekend (considering he was dropping me off at events more often than he was with me attending them).

Other subjects to think about? Cost of bridesmaid's dresses. Bridesmaid's Obedience (as well as that of others participating in the event). The Wedding Warp Zone.

Make sure to think of all of these factors in connection with one another. While the CarpoolCaper may not be avoided, it's good to think about where your guests are coming FROM (both literally and figuratively!) Then, you can plan accordingly, thinking about all of the other factors (i.e. the subject matter on my previous posts).

Stay tuned!

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