Thursday, January 19, 2006


Just a quick follow-up to last night's post:

One suggestion for any boyfriends/boy friends/fiances/husbands or any others in the position of potential SoccerMom's-to-be: I would suggest that brides/grooms organize, or at least suggest a small get-together event for all the dates to get to know each other--since these guys are going to be with the dates/wives/fiances/significant others who are partaking in bridal activities.

Having a few beers at a bar--and bringing the small group of people together--is a unique way of keeping these guys entertained and making everyone more comfortable. Perhaps this group of guys would rather STAY in their hotel rooms--but what do they really have to lose? It could be fun, and provide something to do in between carpool dropoffs!

Although it's a tiny suggestion, it's a big way of showing your friends that you DO care about their dates/significant others--particularly when they're carpooling their dates around for your event(s).

Stay tuned!

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