Sunday, January 29, 2006


Sorry for the delay, guys... I had a crazy work week which didn't allow me much time to post.

Although it’s rare, there’s always a chance that members of the band are going to do something unscripted, or provide a little commentary or “help” during speeches or in between songs.

Take, for example, the situation where a young woman was giving a speech as the maid of honor. She nervously spoke in front of the large crowd, relaying a story about her friendship with the bride. The bridesmaid came to a part of the toast that involved the word “shower” (“shower” as in “to take a shower” rather than a “wedding shower”) -- Although I thought it seemed like a weird thing to talk about, the context was that they were college roomates, and she was listing things she remembered about their dorm room experience: making rahmen noodles, watching movies in the commons rooms, dealing with taking showers with shower shoes, etc....

As soon as she mentioned the word "shower," a silly noise sounded behind her, emanating from the stage where the band sat. “Boing!”

One of the bandmembers had some sort of instrument or noisemaker that made a sound reminiscent of one that hack morning DJ would make (as if to signal an erection). The poor maid of honor was so embarrassed that she flubbed the rest of her speech, and all the guests were either laughing hysterically or completely confused at what actually had transpired.

It may sound farfetched that anyone would think to make an inappropriate sound (signaling an erection) while thinking about a girl taking a shower -- but that was absolutely the joke that the sound guy in the band was making, as both TallGuy and I were there and heard it. It's a great example of something that is stupid and really doesn't make any sense, but is done anyway because someone mistakenly thinks it's funny....

Although you can't always prevent a member of the band doing something unscripted, make sure when you are interviewing for a band/DJ, you TALK TO THEM about what you want/absolutely DO NOT WANT. If I were the bride in this situation, I would have been FURIOUS had someone made a sexual innuendo in the middle of my bridesmaid's speech, which not only embarasses her, but makes everyone else feel uncomfortable in the room. Therefore, one thing to make clear to the band before they begin playing is that they shouldn't do any cheesy sounds during speeches or do anything unscripted that could be construed as questionable, OR do any ad libbing at all--the band plays music, and isn't there to furnish comedy, at least in my opinion.

While there are bands that are both good and bad, the situation you obviously want to avoid the most is "the ugly" -- when it comes down to guests/bridesmaids feeling uncomfortable, I believe a line has been crossed. This is definitely the type of situation where you should maintain a firm grasp over what occurs at the reception.

Although you may think it won't happen to you, anything can--and will go--if you aren't careful.

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