Sunday, February 12, 2006


"Let's hit up Magnolia and mac on some cupcakes!"
--Andy Samberg ("Lazy Sunday" - SNL)

I've always maintained that a bride-to-be should be cognizant of the feelings of the guests she invites.

Is this easier said than done?

I do acknowledge that brides-to-be have endless responsibilities and a myriad of pressures related to "the big day." However, there are certain tricks of the trade that will help ensure that brides make their weddings "accessible" to the guests invited, while imparting a sense of fun and whimsy in the process.

Take, for example, the phenomenon of the "cupcake cake", as illustrated by the photograph above. With a range of flavors, including strawberry buttercream and chocolate fudge, my friend Julie decided to do something untraditional and, well, fun.

Having been to a number of weddings where the wedding cake turned out to be beautiful but not entirely edible, and unfortunately became an afterthought at the end of an evening rather than a highlight, Julie wanted to have an alternative to the wedding cake, which she KNEW would be beautiful, tasteful AND tasty. Not only did the bakery arrange the cupcake cake in a tasteful manner that also complemented the pastel color scheme of the room, but it provided elegant notecards among the arrangement of cupcakes, noting the types of flavors represented.

The cupcake cake was a huge hit (which underscored the fact that there were only 3 lonely cupcakes that remained by the end of the evening). Everyone at the wedding (from Julie's 85 year old grandmother to her 12 year old cousin) enjoyed choosing their flavor, as well as mingling at the cupcake "station"....

I love the idea of a cupcake cake, as it's participatory and an interesting way to mix things up (AND make a wedding less staid).... Julie thought the cupcakes would be a way to get guests on their feet, instead of simply sitting at their own table.

While I'm not saying that this type of wedding "cake" is for everyone, I do think that it's an accessible way to move away from the traditional--in a manner that will surprise and please guests.

Obviously, this accessibility/fun factor is subtle.... however, guests will notice.

The one question to always keep in mind is "What would I enjoy if I were a guest?" -- Julie thought long and hard about that question beforehand, and she saw the results.

In planning a wedding, it's always important to keep the fun factor in mind. When a wedding is approachable, a wedding is fun (and vice versa) -- thinking about how your guests view a reception is a great way to think of unique approaches.

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

fantastic! i've been trying to convince my mom to have cupcakes instead of a cake, but she just isn't buying it. now i have more ammo. thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the cupcake cake!!! i didn't know it had actually been done before! thanks!