Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I was on the Wedding Channel website, as it's fun for me to look at flower arrangements and wedding cakes, just for kicks.

Sure--I may not be getting married anytime soon--but for me, it's kinda fun to find something whimsical or in some way different than the norm.

You'd be surprised that you can find something unique on such a popular site as the Wedding Channel--but you just have to know where to look.

Although this is a general suggestion regarding the A, B, Cs of accessibility, I think it's an important one.

For example, who would think to do a black and white buttercream cake, individual cakes decorated as designer handbags? How about an Asian inspired cake decorated with Chinese symbols of "double happiness"? Or sugar butterflies floating over an individual buttercream cake?

Those feel a LOT different than the *yawn* pastel pink three tiered number that a lot of people may choose. Maybe the cake looks a little better than it does in clip art form (see above!) but I think you get my point!

It may seem crazy in theory, but these cakes look AMAZING in photos (and I bet even better in real life!)

Doing something different, or what I like to call off-the-cuff, is a fun way to get your guests talking--in a positive way.

Although I talked about cupcake cakes in my previous post, the point of this post isn't about wedding cakes so much as it's about finding the overall flavor of your event through unique but elegant style.

Therefore, I think it's important to research, research, research. Finding something approachable and fun is just as easy as picking the traditional and boring.

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Hi Wedding Fairy, I've been reading your blog from the start and really enjoy it, but I have one complaint - wider ranging than just your blog. Why, when I find articles that talk about 'unique', 'whimsical' and 'accessible' weddings, are they always focussed on mainly the reception and the tangible objects? That is, the aspects that cost the most to diverge from the norm on... In my experience, all the most enjoyable weddings have been enjoyable FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE CEREMONY - not because the bride has thought to provide cute tissue packets for tears or such, but because the marriage itself is a celebration - the ceremony features aspects of their relationship or their view of the world, there's either moments to make you cry they're so unusual and beautiful, or to make you laugh... because they're so unusual and beautiful.
I guess my point is, I read the blog about the cupcake cake and sighed. I'd love to have a cake like that in order to be 'accessible', but they cost a small fortune, they're so labour intensive. Then I read the one about the college professor and cheered. This is REALLY what making a wedding unique involves. It's allowing not only the bride and groom, but the people important to them, to make their mark on the day. Isn't it?
I figure if the bridesmaids walk into the ceremony looking radiant, I generally know it's going to be a great day, whether or not the cake makes an impact - ultimately the most beautiful decorations in the world can't make up for a frustrated bridal party and bewildered family.

Anonymous said...

Huh. Are you sure about that, anonymous 7:12? My best-friend-the-cook, who made her own 6-tiered cake and is making me individual mousses for my own wedding, says that cupcakes and such are MUCH easier to make and less labor-intensive (and should be cheaper) than a wedding cake. I believe it has to do with the part where the cupcakes aren't layered, as the cake would be, which apparently is hard. Also it is pretty easy to make cupcakes yourself, while making layered cakes yourself is sort of difficult, which I would think if you wanted to go really cheap would be a factor. Hmm, maybe a brownie cake... fiance makes really awesome brownies...

okay, distracted by food. Point taken, though. The reception is not the wedding. Thanks for the reminder.

Another comment to the post, though: sometimes doing something the Traditional and Boring way is a compromise that must be made for the sake of making other people happy. I would prefer to have no cake and no cake-cutting ceremony at all (I've been to great weddings without it) and CD's instead of organ music at the ceremony (ditto), but various people were made Extremely Unhappy by these things. I think it's more important for people I love to be happy (obviously within reason! I want to be happy too!) than to be Approachable and Fun.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:56, I like your points about being Traditional and Boring! Obviously I don't want my wedding to be 'T&B' but it's horrible when Approachable and Fun starts to ostracise some of the many older family guests!
Thanks for the kind tips on cupcakes - I'm not in the US, so it's harder to find people to do them, and they charge for the labour-intensive icing (Traditional and Boring icing on them might be cheaper!), though the cakes themselves are cheap. Less choice here means that original/different=expensive. 'Anonymous 7:12'

Megan said...

We are getting married in France and had the option of a wedding cake or the piece montee- the stacked pyramid of cream puffs covered in caramel that is traditional here. We went with the cream puffs, as it would be interesting for the american guests. It will also be new for the french guests as instead of being the regular pyramid style, the place makes it into a little chateau (that looks like the reception place) and has sparklers on it. I am still hoping for a cake the next day at the brunch though. :)