Thursday, February 09, 2006


I know it sounds really lame, but I'm addicted to the show Project Runway.

Although it's certainly fun to watch the catfights among the designers-in-training and Heidi Klum say "you're OUT" like she's banishing someone to the gates of Hell, I really love watching how an idea, or a vision, becomes a reality as the female models walk the runway.

I received a comment from a reader that I thought was very fitting as pertains to this concept (of watching whether or not one's vision of a design successfully translates into an actual piece of clothing).
Although the comment is linked to a previous post, one of the highlights includes the following:

"I...think that the bride should think of the comfort levels of her girls when choosing dresses. My bridesmaids all went with me to look at dresses.... Yes, we have to do some alterations of adding straps to the tops so the dresses are within the comfort ranges of the girls. I do not see that as an issue. Exposing them because they feel uncomfortable is not something I would ever want to do."

While it's important that every bride-to-be have a vision of the dress/style that they want their bridesmaids to wear, they have to remember who is wearing it. This woman obviously was thinking about how her bridesmaids would look--and feel--in the dress, which is definitely important.

A vision is simply that--a vision. Therefore, translating that vision into a reality that is REALISTIC for everyone is the key to having bridesmaids look--and feel--their best.

The woman who commented also noted that her sister-in-law had her bridesmaids wearing skin-tight dresses AND they were supposed to make a grand entrance in horse-drawn carriages--and get out of the carraiges without revealing any flesh.

While the sister-in-law may have had a vision in her head, I really would have liked to ask her: at what cost?

There's a designer on Project Runway named Santino, who is excellent and has very funky visions--but oftentimes, his ideas don't translate well on the runway. The judges oftentimes will tell him--to his dismay--that he's not designing for the woman BEHIND the dress.

So maybe brides-to-be aren't designing dresses here. But many DO have a vision of how they want their bridsmaids to look.

Don't pull a "Santino". Remember who will be wearing your dress--and that these women may be all shapes and sizes. If you don't, your bridesmaids may think you should be "OUT" too.

On that note, I am off to watch Project Runway (which is tivod). :)

Stay tuned!

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