Sunday, February 05, 2006


Although this request/question/proposal isn't *really* a musing, I did think it was worth raising.

As I continue my rantings and ramblings, I wanted to take a moment to ask YOU, dear readers, what kinds of topics YOU GUYS wanted me to address.

Are there issues or situations that you'd like me to raise or cover in future postings?

As I want these posts to be more like conversations (between me and my faithful readers :) -- I'd like any input about future topics.

Therefore, feel free to shoot me an email about potential situations to address (if they are specific in nature, I will always change names/locations to protect the innocent--or not so innocent :), or post a comment and let me know what topics you'd like to see next.

I promise I'll be posting more regularly, so please check in. Work has been keeping me at the office late, but I'll do my best to work after-hours to help stop (or prevent) the insanity.

Stay tuned!

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