Wednesday, March 22, 2006


So I thought I'd continue with the theme of March Madness this week, since I'm sure there are some of you out there who are there "in the pool" with me... For those of you who aren't? Just be lucky it only happens one month of the year!

Today, I found out the initial results of my firm's office pool--based on the teams chosen to win, we are assigned a certain number of points, the point number varying from round to round (i.e. 1 point assigned to a team chosen in round 1, whereas 3 points assigned to a team chosen in the Elite Eight).

I ended up at the middle to the bottom of the pack--and was pretty disappointed, as I thought I was doing pretty well (with over fifty percent of my teams winning their games). Nevertheless, it was a daunting process filling out the bracket.

As much as I know about--and love--basketball, I felt like I was choosing randomly among the pack--and in most cases--going with the "best" teams, instead of those little-known basketball programs that certainly had potential, and could definitely pull an upset.
While I follow college basketball, I am not familiar with all the teams and the nuances that would lead to my choosing the "right" teams.

I realized, as I looked at where I was with my choices, that there was always somebody who knew more than I did.

Women who are getting married are in the same proverbial boat. While they may research, research, and research some more, brides to be often don't know where to start--and the choices that seem the most promising end up to be anything but. Given the countless number of subjects women have to tackle (the flowers, the registry, the music, the location, travel issues for guests, wedding insurance, caterers, table arrangements, etc. etc. etc. etc.), it's no wonder that making choices is, to say the least, extremely difficult.

This post, therefore, is directed to those who have already gone through the process-- YOU are a valuable resource because you are a virtual wedding expert. For those of you who have already entered "the pool", you have an amazing ability to provide guidance to others in a way you may not have imagined or foreseen.

Wouldn't it have been helpful to you to have seen your friend's bill for flowers, before you began ordering your own?

If you can offer names and addresses of resources to your friends--not to mention any other information, no matter how personal it may be (like bills, emails, and photographs (i.e. of wedding cakes at various bakeries you liked and hated)--it would be an untapped resource that women planning their weddings could count on....

Some may be thinking "Well, what's in it for me?"... Not much - except the feeling that comes with helping your friends and acting as an extremely valuable resource.

Plus--helping your friend learn from your experiences is just good karma. I've learned in the past few weeks with this NCAA coverage that, despite how much I know, SOMEONE ALWAYS KNOWS MORE. Since you are that "someone" when it comes to weddings, share the wealth--your friends will thank you for it, and you certainly will be thanked in the future, when you least expect it.

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

just thought i'd let you know...this whole "wedding = basketball" connection is cracking me up. i think its great. :)

the wedding fairy said...

Thanks! I'm glad someone out there (besides me) is enjoying it! :)