Friday, March 31, 2006


To properly conclude my "March Madness" theme (specifically speaking with making "the right calls"), I'll reiterate the concept from my last post: TO EACH HIS OWN -- and along those lines, it's important to remember that WHAT SOMEONE ELSE HATES (TO EACH HER OWN) MAY BE EXACTLY WHAT YOU LOVE (TO EACH YOUR OWN!)...

Although it may seem obvious, everyone has different opinions about what's "classy," "beautiful," or, even, the age-old expression of "perfect."

For example, my friend Valerie is getting married and noted her observation upon seeing the reception hall at which she was having her wedding: "Yeah, with wedding stuff, everyone has a way they would do it - which is kind of cool because it allows you to make it your own taste. We went Saturday to look [at the place] and they were setting up for a wedding - soooo not my taste - all red roses, red dresses, etc. It's amazing how different the room could look depending on what you do to it."

Therefore, it's great to keep in mind that (a) everyone has different thoughts about what is good/what isn't, and (b) certain wedding-related reactions that are BAD can be just as helpful to you....

As relates to her wedding venue, Valerie had previously spoken with a work colleague (WorkFriend) who had also been looking at places since she was getting married two months earlier. WorkFriend listed off places (restaurants and hotels included) that she ABSOLUTELY HATED for X, Y, and Z reasons. Since Valerie and WorkFriend have VERY different styles, Valerie was smart enough to realize that what WorkFriend's loss could be HER GAIN. Therefore, Valerie went to check out the venues that WorkFriend didn't like--and voila! One of them became her wedding reception site.

Therefore, always keep your eyes and ears open about places and things that people DON'T LIKE --just because they were turned off to it doesn't mean it's a BAD OPTION FOR YOU.

Stay tuned!

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