Wednesday, March 08, 2006


So I happened to have an American-Idol date with Aubrey last night....

(Is it me, or is Katherine whats-her-face -- the one with the good voice -- REALLY annoying? With MAJOR attitude? Keep an eye on her. She was pouting in the red room when everyone else was clapping for Mandisa when she rocked the house. She isn't what she seems. As a side note -- LOVE Elliot. LOVE Paris. LOVE LOVE LOVE Mandisa. We'll see what happens!)

...and, during commercial breaks, she told me more about the petal-stapling fiasco.

It turns out that I was WRONG. Aubrey was ASKED to staple petals to the runner -- in 90 degree heat -- but she was saved by her boyfriend's mother, who told her she shouldn't do it (Bobbi Villa was a friend of Aubrey's boyfriend's family).

Instead Aubrey helped sprinkle petals on the tables for the reception -- Fine (I guess?).

When she told me what her boyfriend looked like by the end of the petal-stapling fiasco, I almost fell off the couch laughing:

"I can't even believe what he looked like -- he was so sweaty and gross!"

Apparently, the men who were put to work had it the worst -- as they were toiling away in their suits and ties -- in the Aruba heat!!!!

I wanted to follow up in order to clarify the story- the clarification, I think, somehow even makes it worse.

Why? What I ALSO didn't know before--which I kind of think is the kicker--is that Aubrey and Boyfriend were STAYING AT A DIFFERENT HOTEL -- so it's not as if they had time to shower after the preparation and before the actual wedding.

Point: Remember that it's freaking hot if you're doing a destination wedding somewhere exotic -- and your guests should be sweating in the sun ONLY if they decide to go suntanning at the beach (and NOT due to dealing with your wedding reception!)

Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

we're planning on an outdoor wedding in august, so it'll probably be pretty toasty (the reception is indoors). i don't really want people to be sweating in really nice clothes, though. is there a way to tell people that jackets and ties are not required? i don't want to hope word of mouth is enough. we were thinking of mentioning it on our website, but do you think that will be enough? i don't plan on having people working at my wedding, but i still don't want them getting over heated.