Wednesday, March 15, 2006


"The snow doesn't give a soft white damn whom it touches."

~e.e. cummings

So I received an interesting--and I think a *tad* sarcastic--post from a reader, which I'd like to relay (having to do with winter-themes, which is why I decided on the e.e. cummings quote above):

"I must be going to bridal hell for accepting my friends' offers to set up the reception site. I'm sure that 90 minutes on a cool February day took total advantage. There was even some "snowflake" scattering on the tables. The horror!"

I've said it before, and I'll say it again here: my postings are not meant as attacks. The stories I've heard, however, are tidbits of information that MAY help people planning their wedding for October '07, and even those who are happily playing the field temporarily, avoid certain scenarios that others have found offensive, or just plain annoying.

Of course, not all of my advice/stories are as extreme. But, as these stories and situations have resonated with people that I know, I think that it's important to share them with others, in the hopes that people will realize that certain things--perhaps stapling rose petals to a runner in mid-90 degree heat, for example--may potentially annoy or offend some.

I think it's GREAT that there are gals out there willing to help set up reception sites--and there's nothing wrong with brides asking for this help!

HOWEVER, there are times and places--and certain extremes that people *may* want to avoid.

So live, prosper, and scatter snowflakes.... there's nothing wrong with it, and I'm not attacking it. I've come to realize in attending tons of weddings that there are certain things I, like many others, have found strange. As the Wedding Fairy, I try to point them out--not as a means of judging or finger pointing-- but as a way of helping others figure out how to handle various situations.

Stay tuned!

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