Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I received a very intelligent and insightful comment the other day, which relates to the title of my last two posts.... I realize that much of my commentary has been from the point of view of those who are NOT engaged/married and are merely observers of the wedding planning craziness. However, I think it makes a lot of sense to look at these topics from the perspective of those women who are :

The reader noted that many women, upon realizing that they have found someone in the same "wedding planning" boat, begin their wedding banter because they have discovered someone with whom they can relate (and vent)-- even if that "someone" is not a close friend or family member!

The reader commented upon this phenomenon as expressed below:

"i like the girls that spout off about their own weddings as soon as they figure out i'm engaged. and then say 'i'm so glad you understand all this!' yeah, i understand, but i still don't want to listen to it...."

Point taken. I have many friends who, believe it or not, find wedding planning annoying and burdensome, and would rather not have to deal with their mothers and fiances when it came to their wedding plans--let alone other women (they hardly know) who are also in the throes of looking for wedding dresses, floral arrangements, and reception locations!

While some simply find it stressful, many other women DO enjoy the wedding planning process, and I'm sure (though I don't have experience with it) that many aspects of it are kinda fun (how can it not be when you're doing tastings for wedding cakes? Maybe I'm wrong about this, but I would think it's kind of a neat process seeing everything come together). However, it's important to realize that just because you have something in common (planning a wedding) with an acquaintance or even a random party-goer you happen to meet one evening, it doesn't mean that that person is as receptive to hearing about it as you might be.

Therefore, keep in mind that sometimes, it's not just the non-engaged/married folk who aren't all that interested--it may very well be those women who are going through it themselves--and the last thing they want to talk about is more wedding planning when it doesn't relate to their own!

I will conclude my points about shutting the *$(% up with that lesson--keep in mind who you are talking with, and how much you are talking.... it is an important lesson every bride-to-be must learn--and those who are giving you the "Hmmmmms" and "that sounds really pretty" will thank you for it.

Stay tuned!

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