Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Here's a tip: not all alcohol is created equally. Sure, not everyone is going to serve Cristal at their weddings as would, say, Madonna or Sir Paul McCartney (FYI - I have no clue what they served at their receptions, but when you think $$$$, you think Cristal--at least I do!) However, it's important to remember that some types of alcohol (and beer and wine) are more caustic (and headache-worthy) than others -- and alcohol tasting/researching before your wedding should be part of the wedding planning process.

This is not a budget issue - it's a time/energy issue.
Even if you are having a small and tasteful (but not huge budget) affair, it's a good idea to look into what types of wines and vodkas, for example, are inexpensive (or less expensive than Gray Goose, for example) but not terrible quality.

Remember the type of alcohol you used to buy in college (or high school, for some of you movers and shakers out there) that was great for pre-partying? Yeah. That stuff. The stuff you woke up with the next day as you nursed your hangover and swore to yourself that you would NEVER. EVER. drink again.

Although this is a common sense type of thing--don't buy that stuff for your wedding. And if you are hiring someone to handle that stuff for you, don't let them serve it.

Go over the type of alcohol you want to have before the wedding, and like I noted in my last post, remember that planning is involved. Look for quality type labels to serve, as it's common that your guests at wedding will have more than they plan on having -- it's a wedding, so they should!

While no guest is going to wake up the next morning and get annoyed with the bride/groom for the type of alcohol they served (that would be slightly ridiculous), remember that it's the LITTLE THINGS that make a wedding great -- and making sure your guests are taken care of -- and you are serving quality stuff -- is a silent but effective way of doing a great job on the small details.

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j said...

Ideas for making sure you don't create any drunk drivers? My wedding is pretty big and I know not everyone is staying over at the hotel. How can I make sure everyone stays safe? I'm planning on having quite a bit myself! :) I DESERVE IT - planning this wedding has been such a big deal.

Dataceptionist said...

not a big comment, but I love that image you've used!!

Dataceptionist said...

not a big comment, but I love that image you've used!!

the wedding fairy said...

Why thank you! You will be seeing more cool images (check out my prior posts) - I love TallGuy for many reasons, but one of them is his creative and technical prowess -- and ability to "geek it up" as he calls it :) Since he's helping me with the site in terms of the technical stuff, you'll be seeing more cool graphics to liven things up a bit.

Thanks again!