Monday, August 07, 2006


Thanks for the comments, ladies - it's interesting to hear how other men choose to spend their time. I think trust is an important thing to have when it comes to what your significant other is doing at these parties, as they should have that trust in you.

Getting back to another theme of these parties -- $$$$$$.

At the end of the day, TallGuy shelled out $150 outright (for the limo and said entertainment as described in the last post), and then the only other cost the entire day/evening was $30 bucks for a cheap dinner consisting of bar food.

I was speaking with a colleague of mine (an older male friend named Charlie) who was telling me that TallGuy actually got LUCKY in terms of what he had to spend. What Charlie said was this (before TallGuy actually attended): "Honestly, I don't know WHAT kind of entertainment is going to be at this party, but you have NOTHING to worry about - that kind of money he has to dole out won't buy much at all...." Apparently, the more um, "intensive" should I say? type of parties (which have tons of strippers and lot more shadiness than what apparently took place at TallGuy's party) involve thousands of dollars for EACH attendee.... pretty unbelievable (and kind of shocking) when you think about how many other expenses there are for guests at a wedding.

Obviously, the cost of these type of parties is only one factor. But it's a factor, indeed. This is an issue for bachelorette parties and showers, as WELL as bachelor parties... and it's something important to think about as you (and/or your friends) plan for these type of events.

Although TallGuy and I live in nice apartment in Manhattan, neither of us is able to throw money around easily - the next piece of the puzzle, after his spending almost $200 for going out that Saturday evening will be the $200+ gift (which was in addition to the $75 dollar engagement gift).... see how this is adding up??? TallGuy (for the record) was HAPPY to do it and to spend time with his friends (and celebrate the upcoming nuptials)--this is my mere observation about price, as an outside observer.

To conclude with the bachelor and bachelorette party theme, remember that those in charge of planning yours should be responsive--and respect the budgets and desires of the others involved. While the wedding is "your'" day, it's important to remember that those who are spending a lot of money in the process will be very thankful if their needs are taken into account along the way.

Stay tuned!


J said...

Sad, but your colleagues is probably right. It seems to be all the vogue now to have "destination" bachelor or bachelorette parties in Las Vegas or somewhere else that involves plane tickets for most of the attendees. As you so rightly point out, it's not just brides and grooms that are watching a budget for their wedding; it's all their friends too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're giving these people a +$200 wedding gift AND a $75 engagement gift? My husband's groomsman gave him $400 (no engagement gift), and we were shocked and appalled (and touched!) that he spent so much, esp. since he and his wife had to travel across the country for the wedding. Everyone else in the wedding party gave us about a $100 gift, and we tried to discourage engagement and shower presents entirely.

Not trying to be focused on money or anything; just think it's interesting that societal mores are so different...

Twistie said...

You know, it had never ocurred to me to think about the cost of bachelo/bachelorette parties...mostly because I was too busy thinking how much I wouldn't want the sort of entertainment that's traditional at these events. It's scary to think about spending hundreds or thousands of dollars apiece on top of the cost of throwing or attending the wedding proper.

I'm glad my bridesmaids didn't try to give me a party like this. And I'm glad my beloved wasn't concerned about partying with his buddies, too.

I don't think I know anyone who could afford a party like this.