Tuesday, August 08, 2006


"Wow, you're giving these people a +$200 wedding gift AND a $75 engagement gift? My husband's groomsman gave him $400 (no engagement gift), and we were shocked and appalled (and touched!) that he spent so much, esp. since he and his wife had to travel across the country for the wedding. Everyone else in the wedding party gave us about a $100 gift, and we tried to discourage engagement and shower presents entirely. Not trying to be focused on money or anything; just think it's interesting that societal mores are so different... "

I'm embarassed to say so, but yes -- I agree with you that these prices are obscene; I think that when the cost of living is extremely high--particularly in a place like Manhattan-- it drives up the prices of well, everything -- even wedding gifts.

When TallGuy went to that bachelor party, he didn't have a choice as to how much he spent--that was the standard, and he either had to adhere to it--or not go. Part of the problem is that people don't necessarily think TWICE about the fact that these prices/costs are extremely high--because EVERY cost seems high in a city like Manhattan or San Francisco, people don't scratch their heads when paying out, as much as they should.

Therefore, please keep in mind that when I'm talking about a $300 bridesmaid's dress, I'm really referring to a dress one might purchase in New York, or Philadelphia, or Chicago -- Even though this seems like a very expensive price to me, it probably seems absolutely outrageous compared to those who live in smaller cities/towns. And believe me -- I am not the girl in this picture (for the record--I promise)--I DON'T have this money to throw around, which is why I'm always so aware of it--particularly when these items add up for weddings!!

To wrap this up, I think it's important to emphasize that my discussion of prices is NOT an evaluation, and the costs I throw out for discussion are very much city-specific--and certainly not the norm around the country, as evidenced by readers' comments.

Since cost issues are a pervasive theme through my blog, I thought it useful to relay this information--just so people know where I'm coming from - and that these issues are built around geography and circumstance.

Stay tuned!

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Eric Hegwer said...

The prices are crazy! Just look at the costs of wedding photographers! $5,000 - that's just nuts! And they don't even give you the negatives!