Thursday, August 17, 2006



Had a closing today, for a very stressful deal that I've been handling since May. Horray.

What was the one thing on my mind the entire closing?

My feet.

Running around in high heels is NOT my idea of fun - Today, I was on my feet for about 8 hours straight in 3 inch heels, which was pretty taxing. That's why I tend to wear flip-flops in the confines of my office as often as I can.

As I was walking home, I was thinking about how flip-flops really are the answer to everything--i.e., every outfit.

What to wear for a sunday brunch? Sundress and flip-flops. To and from work? Flip-flops. A night out with the girls? Sparkly flips-flops, a tank top, and jeans.

I was thinking about flip-flops in relation to weddings and comfort levels. Much like the trend of thirteen year old girls wearing socks to hit the dance floor at weddings, I've heard that flip-flops are beginning to make their appearance at weddings (particularly, from what I've heard about ladies utilizing them to hit the dance floor)

I was thinking, then, about the concept of flip-flops down the aisle. Wouldn't it be SO nice for bridesmaids to NOT have to worry about tripping, falling or stumbling? Sure, it can happen while NOT walking in heels -- but the odds are less likely!

The idea of tripping while walking down the aisle is always my nightmare when I'm a bridesmaid. I was in a wedding in Omaha where the ceremony was at a beautiful cathedral -- the aisle was extremely long, and thank GOODNESS I had an escort/groomsman on my arm.

While I'm the first to admit that it's not really appropriate for a walk down the aisle, finding a happy medium -- i.e. not 4 inch heels or uncomfortable shoes -- works for me. Therefore, if you have your bridesmaids purchase specific shoes, make sure they're comfortable -- and walking down the aisle-worthy.

How great would life be if we could live it all the time in flip flops? Perhaps I'll have a beach wedding when the time comes...........

Stay tuned (and I promise less randomness next post -- My feet are killing me, which is where this line of thought is coming from!)


Anonymous said...

In your insistence on groomsmen as escorts down the aisle for bridesmaids, I feel that you're forgetting someone: the groom. The poor guy is standing up there all alone, unsupported and nervous. He needs the support of his friends and brothers rather more than the bridesmaids do. Most women are perfectly capable of operating heels by the age they're a bridesmaid (and if they can't, they shouldn't be wearing them.)

Anonymous said...

I would find the flap of flip-flops on a marble floor during the procession of the bridesmaids an annoying distraction. Maybe the sound would be covered by the music, but maybe not.

My daughter handled the potential comfort problem by having her bridesmaids wear whatever black open-toed shoes or sandals they wanted to. Each bridesmaid was permitted to seek her own level of comfort.

felicity said...

Totally on board with the flip flops! Sometimes I feel bad that I don't often wear heels or "adult" shoes during the summer but none of them are as comfy as my flip flops! Both of my BMs love wearing heels, so I have a feeling that given the option, that's what they'll go with, even for a beach wedding.

Twistie said...

Gotta say, I'm one of those people who can't wear flip-flops, even if I did think they were appropriate for most weddings (something at the beach, or a super-informal backyard barbeque, sure, but in a church or a formal hotel??? I just can't see that). My feet go one way, the flip-flops go the other, and I fall flat on my face. Definitely not something I'd appreciate having to navigate!

I was married out of doors in a redwood grove. My bridesmaids wore whatever flat shoes they already owned or chose to buy for the occasion. Everybody's feet were covered, there was no annoying flapping sound, and nobody complained of discomfort.

Really, I understand where you're coming from today, what with standing on stilts all day. Immediately your mind goes to its own comfort place, which, for you, is obviously flip-flops. I just think there's some reasonable compromise between super-high heels and poolside footwear. ; )

Still, comfortable footwear is important. More brides should consider the pedal comfort not only of their attendants, but themselves as well. Thanks for bringing it up!

Megan said...

I think this post is proof that what is good or comfortable for one person may not be for another. I would hate to wear flip flops to any occasion other than the beach. (and maybe a beach wedding). They just flip and flop and are uncomfortable to me. To me it seems very Collegish.

Dataceptionist said...

I agree with Megan, different strokes for different folks. There are lots of comfortable shoes available without everyone looking like 16year old girls. Why the demise of the formal occassion? On seeing people at weddings in their jeans and flip flops
(called Thongs in OZ-and NO we don't mean G-Strings)
I am only struck by their lack of respect for tradition and inability to cast off their casual persona for the day. If people don't dress up for a wedding, what do we dress up for?

Anonymous said...

I am getting married next July and even though my bridesmaids are wearing heeled sandals to the wedding (they have a one-inch heel, nothing major) I bought all three of them, the flowergirl, my mom, and myself furry slippers in everyones favorite color for wearing at the reception- they all thought it was a wonderful idea!

Anonymous said...

I myself think a heeled flip flop is completely acceptable to wear. I want to marry in the evening and the girls will wear long black dresses. You won't see their why make their feet ache? I have been a bridesmaid 8 times, and I would have LOVED the chance for comfort. Not to mention I've not so much as looked at my previous bridesmaid dresses or shoes. A flip flop would gain more use after the wedding. Obviously flip flops are not a great option for a short dress....they aren't attractive, and don't do much for a lady's leg. However, with a one inch heel on a thong, I find no disrespect to tradition!