Sunday, October 01, 2006


Having a wedding reception at home can be beautiful and conven-
ient, and there are definitely advantages to saying "I do" in a location with which you are both familiar and comfortable.

However, as nice as a home reception can be (particularly when you are lucky enough to live in (or have parents who live in) a home like the one pictured here!), there are certain "don'ts" that need to be mentioned--otherwise these issues may stick with your guests long after the last car has backed out of your driveway.
My friend Kristen attended a wedding at the home of one of her high school friends (Jennifer)--in the suburbs to the North of Manhattan. It was nice for Kristen to be back in her old neighborhood - as a New York City girl, Kristen missed the green lawns and tree-lined streets. Jennifer's parents recently moved from her childhood home to a larger, more lavish home across town. As Jennifer's parents had just moved in recently, the house was gorgeous and newly constructed.

Kristen said the ceremony and reception at the house were beautiful (and the bride was lucky to have gotten a sunny day and have most of the event outdoors), but she found something a *little* weird about the event: "So I guess the house was new--so new that they must have been worried about foot traffic and people getting the new floors/carpets dirty. They put down brown packing-type paper on the floors throughout the ENTIRE house -- it wasn't taped down very well, so my heels were getting caught as I tried to walk on it when I was in the house. Definitely a little weird (and potentially dangerous), I thought..."

One of the disadvantages to having a reception at your home IS the issue of keeping things clean/neat and in order -- however, when you try and counteract dirt and foot traffic by making your guests walk on brown paper, you lose the element of elegance -- and you add into the equation the issue of putting off your guests AND injuring them!

Putting down brown packing paper on the carpets is basically the same thing as asking your wedding guests to take their shoes off....and THAT seems pretty outrageous to me too.

Therefore, if you do a home reception, keep in mind that there WILL BE issues you'll have to tackle--but in a way that is both understated and subtle. Understatement, safety and subtletly is not achieved by tacking brown packing paper on the floors.

Stay tuned!

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