Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I really enjoyed the comments to the last post--thanks for sharing what you've all done for your own weddings. The comments are great, too, as they are very "on point" with my thoughts about the "non traditional" wedding cake and/or "wedding cake alternative."

Sometimes, the concept of doing something different or off-the-beaten-path is unappealing--("What if people think it's weird?" "If they don't like it?") etc. etc. etc.

However, having a "spin" on the wedding-cake can, in fact, be an excellent way to separate yourself from the pack, so to speak. When you have a special element that you can highlight? All the better.

With respect to Megan's wedding in France, I LOVED hearing about what she did for dessert: "We had the traditional French Pièce Montée- stacked cream puffs covered in caramel. Usually they are in the shape of a cone, but we had it in the shape of the chateau where we had the reception. It was different and the American guests really enjoyed it..."

Interlacing cultural themes/traditions into one's wedding--where it's appropriate and fits the circumstances--is a really nice, subtle way of doing something different--but unique and noteworthy. I recently read in a bridal magazine about a bride and groom who had their wedding at a vineyard in Long Island, New York. That particular area of Long Island is very famous for a particular farm, which sells very famous pies (apple, blueberry, and more adventurous flavors as well)--instead of having wedding cake, the bride and groom served pies from the Brieremere farm--which was very much a hit with the wedding guests.

Doing something different doesn't have to be limited to the location of one's wedding, but the heritage of the participants. Serving a traditional dessert to celebrate one's culture--even if it's in lieu of a wedding cake--is a way to invite your guests (in a welcoming and non-intrusive way) to share your background and cultural beliefs--even if it's just for the evening.

There are so many ways to introduce an interesting and varied theme to your reception--beginning with the concept of the wedding cake--and going from there--is certainly one way to do it.

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

I wasn't able to convince J to do anything funky/untraditional for the wedding cake as far as form, but I did convince him to go with the Orange Blossom flavor cake and filling. Mmmmm...

I love the idea of the French cake! Our friends from Australia were telling us they have something almost like a fruit cake -- it's seriously soaked in alcohol and the longer it sits pre-wedding (they said MONTHS!) the better it is! :)

Crissy said...

We had a destination wedding in Italy and then a reception when we got back home. We tried to have the reception somewhat "Italian themed" ... but not entirely. We had a cupcake tower for our cake, with a small cake on the top that was decorated with a little grape motif. :)

Isn't it just amazing what can be done with cakes and cupcakes these days?! Some crazy stuff!!