Monday, December 18, 2006


I wanted to take one last stab at the wedding cake conversation--and use a reader's very cool concept to underscore my point that you can do interest, off the beaten path things with respect to the cake--and the sky's the limit!

One reader commented: "We will have a cake as the centerpiece of each table. That way we have lots of flavors, and it encourages guests to mingle."

What a lovely idea! Having different wedding cakes which are on a smaller scale is one way of keeping things fresh and versatile--and as the reader suggests, a way of encouraging people to socialize with others they may not ordinarily have met. Getting guests to move around may not seem like that important of a concept, but the more movement you have at your wedding (in terms of guests talking, dancing, etc.) is a way to ensure that everyone will eat, drink and most importantly, BE MERRY.

They say variety is the space of life--here, that concept plays to the nootion that each guest is different (ever heard the "I HATE chocolate versus "I can't LIVE WITHOUT chocolate" debate?) Crazy, I know, that some are vanilla-guys/gals, but I am one of those people, and I know there are others out there!

My final thoughts in conclusion to this series- YOU GO, GIRLS (Chrissy, Sara, Megan, and anyone else I've forgotten but should be named!)! It makes me happy to hear about creative brides thinking outside the box.

Stay tuned (next order of business: the receiving line!)

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dee said...

That's a great idea, but couldn't it get a little expensive? Maybe cupcakes could be a cheaper alternative. Plus, you can do different flavors. But if I had to moola, man, I'd do the cake.