Tuesday, March 20, 2007


OK, I REALLY need to get back to my Sex and the City wedding post! (First off on that one, just as a little teaser -- what was UP with Carrie wearing Aidan's wedding ring on her necklace? That's one hint that perhaps the concept of commitment is NOT for her!)

Before I do that, though, I'd like to thank everyone for all of the wonderful advice. I'm taking Megan's to heart, especially, as I go through the process of finding a place to have the ceremony/reception. (IE Make a choice, and MOVE ON!)

I've realize that choosing a location is much like looking at colleges -- you kind of know what you want, but there are SO MANY OPTIONS, and everything is SO DAMN EXPENSIVE.

I also realize I'm not exactly helping myself $$ wise by having the wedding in New York City, but that's one thing I really don't want to forego -- I've always envisioned a city wedding, but that also means dropping the idea of having my wedding at the Ritz Carlton, or The Mandarin Oriental. Not going to happen--and that's ok. My dream wedding was at a museum in NYC on museum row--which happens to have been Andrew Carnegie's old mansion. With the $10,000 site fee (on TOP of the $/pp) -- I had to forget that one pretty quickly.

What I realize though: I'll find my way, eventually -- it's EXHAUSTING! I've been to about a dozen places, and I'm pretty sure where I'll end up.... I just want to get that decision over with already--and as Megan said, MOVE ON (without second guessing). One thing I am keeping in mind - not LOSING my mind - just not worth it.

Once I figure it all out, I'll definitely share with you all.... thanks for all the invaluable advice....I really need it!

Stay tuned (I PROMISE for a "regularly scheduled program")!

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Candis said...

Love your blog intro! Also, congrats on focusing on other parts of your life as well (not losing your firends) We have so many brides that focus so much on their planning that we begin to wonder what on earth they do the weekend after their honeymoon. No planning to do... Is that the guy you fell in love with before you ditched him to plan the wedding :) Hats Off.