Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Sorry for the delay, guys - Between moving apartments (this past weekend) and crazy work hours, I haven't been around as much.

However, I thought of all of you this past weekend as I attended my first Wedding Dress Sample Sale.

I haven't really delved into the wedding dress search yet--I figure with a year and a couple of months to go, I'm doing just fine with having firmed up the location of the wedding, the photographer, and the band. I did, however, go to Saks a few weekends ago with my mom, and found the most gorgeous Reem Acra dress, which of course, is way too expensive and out of my price range. With an empire waist and beautiful tulle/beading overlay, the strapless gown is absolutely amazing, and exactly fitting with my "Pride and Prejudice" 19th century english romantic theme -- I, who is so anti-beading, was shocked when I put it on (I figured it would look like an ice skating dress).

As Reem Acra was having a Sample Sale the following week, I figured I'd check it out with my mom--in the hopes they'd have "my dress" there--for much less than Saks did.

For those of you who aren't familiar with a Sample Sale, these sales (when related to wedding dresses) are held by designers who are selling their dresses (usually samples, or overstock items) for up to 60-70% of the original price. Sometimes, the dresses are available because, well, um, no one else wanted them (for a reason) - though sometimes you find can find needles--or even gems-- within the haystack.

On Sunday, I experienced rudeness and a level of self-involvement that I had almost forgotten about when it came to weddings/brides.

As the rooms with the dresses were VERY tiny, we all had to wait in line in order to get into the actual sale. Having waited in line for about half an hour, my mom and I were psyched to finally get upstairs. When we entered the miniscule "Size 4" room (as each room was by size), there was a girl trying on a huge, poufy dress in the middle of the room-thereby blocking the perimeter of the room, where the other dresses were located on racks. BG (I'm going to call this girl Bitchy Girl, or BG) was with an entourage of people, who ooohhhhed and ahhhhed over here, and she twirled in this horrendous poufy number. As my mother and I tried to gingerly step around her without stepping on the dress (which, believe it or not, was taking up the ENTIRE small room), BG, out of NOWHERE, says to my mother and I (in a very snide voice): "By the way -- these [pointing to 2-3 dresses on the rack] are MINE."

Say what? I wanted to ask her if she had planned on BUYING all of the dresses she claimed were HERS, and I also wanted to ask her (sarcastically) if she minded if my mother and I could look at the stock of dresses at all - or was she planning on claiming all of them as "first dibs." What I REALLY wish I could have said? "Don't worry - those dresses are so ugly, I wouldn't want to try them on anyway."

Instead, my mother and I look around carefully, and then decide there wasn't anything worth trying on. Unfortunately, they didn't have my gorgeous dress, but it was worth going.

Not wanting to stoop to BG's level, I decided not to fight fire with fire. What's the point? What I realize is that there are SO MANY people out there like this -- the ME ME ME mentality -- and it's appalling. Getting into the dress BG was trying on was no small feat I'm sure (given how large it was) -- for her to claim 2-3 other dresses as "hers" was obnoxious and unnecessary. And having her entourage take up so much space was equally insane and insensitive to the other people trying to look.

What I take away from it though, is this: I'm happy to say that as the Wedding Fairy, I have not (at least in my opinion) become "that bride" (so far), and that I do take into account people's feeings--even other brides. That, and I should wear padding to the next Sample Sale.

Stay tuned!