Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Hi there.

It has been WAY too long since I've written a post, and to my faithful readers, let me say this: I APOLOGIZE.

The whole point of my blog has been to pinpoint behavior of brides-to-be that are, well, unflattering. One of the mainstays of my posts has been the concept of the newly-affianced disappearing into an oblivion, leaving friends and family behind, in the search for the "perfect dress", the "perfect china," the "perfect florist." How to avoid espousing the "It's My Day" concept of weddings is my attempt to impart humorous education to readers.

Now, the origin for the title of my post: Danika McKellar (of The Wonder Years" fame), who is a successful mathmetician, just wrote a book entitled "Math Doesn't Suck" (and seriously, props to her, for being super smart and successful, having endured fame and celebrity without it going to her head). This title inspired me (Only because it's catchy - not for any deeper reason, really) to write a post entitled "The Wedding Fairy Doesn't Suck" -- IE my disappearing ISN'T the result of becoming "that bride" -- and foregoing all of the things that are important to me (friends, family, my blog).

I don't have a great explanation as to why I haven't written more frequently -- maybe it's work, which has been REALLY tough, maybe it's trying to juggle a social life with my life with TallGuy, or maybe it's the result of being TOO inundated with wedding crap -- after all, this is a ridiculously big industry. After wedding dress shopping at places where the vendors appeared bored to be helping me, and seeing girl after girl enter these stores with a huge entourage of women, I think I just got burned out.

But I'm back. And it's gratifying to know that there are older readers and newbies to this site -- someone just asked if they can ask questions here.


I'm here to help. And with a newfound sense of urgency. Going through the process of wedding-planning right now, I've already seen, in the past few months, outrageous behavior (THAT'S MINE, cried the girl at the Reem Acra sample sale, as if I'm about to steal it out of her hands. What the hell?). I assume any reader reading this blog knows better. However, there are so many nuances to this wedding planning game, I think it helps to have a third party arbiter. No?

In any case, thanks for coming by - and sticking with me. The Wedding Fairy Doesn't Suck. And she promises to write more faithfully, and more frequently, particularly using her own experience to hopefully level the playing field (and ensure there as many thoughtful brides out there--and hopefully many many more-- as there are thoughtless ones.

Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Wedding Fairy,

I'm not sure what is the best way to contact you, but I didn't see a link ("Contact the Wedding Fairy" link would be nice..hint, hint :)).

So, my future sister-in-law has asked both my sister and I to be bridesmaids (along with 5 other people). My fiancee is also a groomsman. I am not very close to the bride, but I love my brother, AND I couldn't think of any way to tactfully decline.

She sent out an e-mail recently, suggesting that she would like to have a choreographed wedding dance with the wedding party, using some song that is "corny and fun like "Thriller" by Michael Jackson". While this idea has been the starting point for some hysterical conversations with friends and family, I cannot really see myself participating in something so ridiculous. I think it will make the wedding memorable, but perhaps not in the way the bride intends. The bride claims that she will "make the groomsmen participate," but the only way my fiancee will do it is if she holds a gun on him.

I called my brother (the groom) to find out his take on this wacky idea, and he said "I just want to make people happy" which translates to English as "I do not want to have that fight with my future wife". So we are on our own to either humiliate ourselves, or to speak out.

How does one tactfully tell one's future sister-in-law that this is a terrible idea, and we (myself, my fiancee, and my sister) are soooo not up for it? We don't want to hurt her feelings, but we are really not excited about humiliating ourselves at their wedding.


Humiliated Bridesmaid