Thursday, December 27, 2007


Thanks for the comments.

It's interesting to think about doing this at a lower cost, as Tara suggested -- I imagine there *MUST* be a way of pulling it off, without spending $6500 bucks to do it!!

I do agree with Linda, too, though, that this type of thing may be intimidating to people (or at least not in keeping with the traditional idea of a guest book)-- Not that I would be spending this much $$$$, but can you IMAGINE being the guest to drop the bowl? Can you imagine being the bride in that situation? Ugh. That's the one comment my mom made when I emailed her a link to the Steuben bowl, with the subject heading "If I had all the $$$ in the World" -- her reaction: "I'd be really afraid someone would drop it."

Either way, not sure I'll be going with a glass bowl - but it is something to keep in mind. I'm checking out martha stewart link too....she always has interesting and crafty ideas, so that is a great suggestion!


Matt said...

Hi Wedding Fairy,

I think this guestbook might stress people out because they’ll only have one shot at writing their message. And, again there is the risk of dropping the bowl all together. It’s still unique idea. Btw, you have a really cool blog! I was thinking maybe your readers might like to check out or send their grooms to my website: Feel free to contact me with questions!


Megan said...

I wanted to do a guestbook quilt, where guests write on a quilt with fabric pens. I bought the fabric, my mom had our wedding monogram and date embroidered onto the central square, put it all together. Then we couldn't bear to have guests actually write on it, so they just signed some pages in our overall wedding memories book. I wouldn't do a separate guestbook. And certainly not a mat that people write on or something like that; There isn't enough space for people to do much more than sign their name.

Pink Peony said...

There are tons of things you can do instead of the guest book. One idea is for the Bride & Groom that like to cook. Have them sign a cook book. That way you see everytime you make dinner. A great one is Betty Crocker's Cookbook: Bridal Edition.

Neil Cowley said...

Boy, seem's like cost is a major concern - but $6500 who's paying that. Most of our couples get a book loaded with their pictures for their guests to enjoy looking at and leave messages within. It's about 4.8% of the above mentioned cost and you can even see pictures of guest's signing it at

Judging from the comments of the guests, it warms their hearts to see their loved ones and have the opportunity to share (with more space) than a lined book that basically asks for a signature.

Jenny said...

I LOVE the idea of a cookbook!! My fiance and I cook every day! But I will have 300 you think they will all fit?