Saturday, December 22, 2007


Thanks, ladies, for all of your help with the shoes.

I am so impressed that Steve Madden has a make-your-own line - awesome!

Colorifics and Seychelles were also really good ideas. Really cute stuff!!!

I didn't mention what I was looking for (sorry) -- I didn't have the shoes (obviously) for my first fitting, so we estimated I would need a heel no higher than 3 inches. I figured between 2-3 inches was what I would go for -- but then I found these shoes...

I ended up finding a pair at Stuart Weitzman which I loved in the store (of course, the 6 1/2, my normal size, was too big on me -- and they didn't have the 6!) Sigh. Admittedly, I knew they were over my price range BUT I figured I'd throw caution to the wind--and try the size 6 from Zappos. They *say* on Stuart Weitzman they are 2 inches-- but they seem pretty low to me. Either way, I'm hoping they will work with my dress!!!

Just tried them on -- a *teeny* bit snug -- but I've already stretched them out a bit by wearing them with socks :) I figure they will give a little bit more once I break them in -- given that it's a low heel, I also figure it'll be more comfortable than what I otherwise would have gotten! I absolutely love them, so I'm hoping they work out.

Here they are!

Admittedly these were a bit over my price range, but they were exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks to all for your helpful advice!! :)

Stay tuned! Much more to come. Just spoke with my mom, and she reminded me that TallGuy and I need to go tux shopping for him soon. UGH.

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