Wednesday, December 19, 2007


....why is it so dang hard to find wedding shoes?

I've already bought and returned two pairs that I ordered on-line (too big, then too small), and I've gone to every store in NYC imaginable that would carry them.

What gives?

I guess everyone's into non-matchy matchy wedding shoes these days.

But is it so hard to find a pair of pretty white ones for the girls who don't want metallic strappy sandals?


Sorry for the vent, but I'm curious if others out there are experiencing the same thing.

Any thoughts?


Anneliese Kelly said...

My shoes (for my July '07 wedding) were low ivory satin heels (maybe and inch and a half or two inches) with an ankle strap and a twisted knot over the toe from Colorifics (that was the shoe brand...I bought them in PA). They were very reasonable, very comfortable, and also came in white.

i wanted shoes that looked cute but didn't cost much, as I figured I'd never wear them again, and these fit the bill. Now, what do you know, I'm a bridesmaid in a wedding and the bride wants us to wear white satin heels!

I know what you mean about the non traditional shoes. My friend just bought $400+ blue Prada pumps for her wedding. I'm all about spending on shoes, but with the expenses of the wedding day, this was one place I was comfortable cutting costs.

Anneliese Kelly said...
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Anonymous said...

I wanted silver wedding shoes, but not sandals (I'm marrying in late Feb. 08). They needed to be closed-toed, and they needed to be low-heeled, but not flat. My future husband is exactly my height. I figured it wouldn't do to tower over him in wedding pix. It took me for-EV-er to find these. But finally, I did. At DSW. For $24, down from $100+. They are exactly what I wanted. Whew! Along the way I saw many, many white shoes. You didn't say whether you are looking for heels or flats. If flats, there are cute ones here at Seychelles Footwear. Look for the one called "Little White Lie" (it comes in many colors, so just look for the name and then check it out in cream). Good luck!

meg said...

just saw this one on designing your own shows... personally, I'm planning to go with white ballet flats because I dont' want ouchie toes on my big day.

elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

i'm also having a hard time with this because I want ballroom shoes (suede on the bottom) for dancing. it's nearly impossible!

A said...

I wore these:

Or actually, I wore the flat version of these. Mine weren't dyed. My bridesmaids wore these also, some wore the heel and some wore flat. Theirs were dyed. Actually, my mom wore them too. Dyed to match her dress.

They were perfect. We were all comfortable all day and the shoes looked great. They look much prettier in person than they do on this website, by the way.

XeraRose said...

I'm going barefoot down the aisle -- with pretty nailpolish on my toes, and then in ballet flats or slippers at the reception.