Friday, February 01, 2008


So as I get psyched for my shower and bachelorette party, another exciting thing happening in the next few weeks is the tasting at the reception site.

I have no idea how it happened, but my wedding is something like 3 months and 2 weeks from today.

WHAT?!?! In addition to the festivities above, I also have the tasting to think about. So many great things, but there are so many choices to make in the last few months, it becomes overwhelming.

In my mind, the two most important aspects which can make (or break) a wedding? The music. And the food.

Thinking about it practically, I don't think that people leave a wedding with a bad taste in their mouth (figuratively) if food is just mediocre. If it's heinous? Or rancid? Then yeah. Definitely not a good thing.

But GREAT food? Or INVENTIVE food? THAT'S intriguing. And different. It's what I'm hoping to achieve -- I should say "we" - as TallGuy is included in all of this planning- but he just wants me to be happy -- so we sometimes turns into "I" :)

As far as keeping guests enthusiastic and content, a tasting can go a long way, as it's a great "practice run" for the big day-- and for the amount brides/grooms spend on reception sites -- they SHOULD have the ability to try the food before it is served on the wedding day.

This series of posts is going to delve into aspects of the menu - and how this can actually affect guests' happiness and comfort level.

Hard to believe? I'm already thinking ahead about my vegetarian friends/family, as well as those with peanut allergies (seriously).

The three-part series will look first at the basics of how your choices affect people, then I'll discuss whether "inventive" options will be beneficial -- or simply backfire -- and my conclusion will focus on what I think I'll actually be doing for my wedding (food-wise, that is), and how I made certain choices.

Stay tuned!


Colleen said...

As a vegetarian and former vegan, I still resentfully remember many an inadequate wedding meal. A few times, I just got the vegetable side, say, half-assed carrots and broccoli, in the middle of my plate as the "meal." Not cool. So for mine I'm going to make sure everyone's well taken care of and satisfied. Just sayin'.

Cebu wedding reception said...

Yes! the most awaited moment during the wedding is the Reception" Eating time"