Monday, March 10, 2008


To all my faithful readers- sorry it's been a while. I've been poring over pages of Bridal magazines and watching the Food Network (really) to try and come up with some culinary inspiration.

Although I love food, I'm not really a "foodie". Yes, I love wine - but despite my trip to Napa/Sonoma, neither TallGuy nor I is a "connoisseur".

In doing my research and going to numerous weddings AND my tasting, I came to realize that it *really* doesn't matter if your wedding food is "high end" or not - as long as people like it, I really don't think you can go wrong.

Take, for example, the choices TallGuy and I made for our appetizers. Now, we could have gone very frou-frou and done more exotic choices -- but we ended up deciding on mini hot-dogs and sliders as 2 of 8 of the appetizers.

Hot dogs and hamburgers. Hmmmm. Not *exactly* what you'd think of when you think an elegant New York City evening wedding. Right?

Actually, I think the mini hot dogs are PRECISELY what ANY wedding calls for -- at every wedding I've been to - from cocktail hour semi-formal to crazy ridiculous expensive black tie - the mini hot dogs are always a hit (not just with me and TallGuy, but with, well, everyone!)

We decided that sliders would also be a cool appetizer to bring into the mix. We certainly have other options (for vegetarians and others not so into these ideas), but we know a majority of our friends (and our parents' friends) will be very excited.

There are things that I'm introducing in terms of food/drink that may be off-the-beaten path, but I find that I'm not straying too far from what I know.

We decided that our signature drink would be a Kir Royale - why? I LOVE them. They taste yummy. They're a beautiful color pink, which is one of colors in my palette. And they're fun.

Most people think of Kir Royales as served during the holiday season - and that's precisely what I love the idea. It's a little different. A little unexpected. And certainly a fun alternative to a martini bar.

There are so many ways a bride can go to be "different" for her wedding-and food was certainly one area where I had thought I should try and go off the beaten path. But sometimes, popular favorites (mini hot dogs, a sushi bar, filet mignon) are popular for a reason - people love them! Therefore, don't be afraid to do what YOU like -- because I bet you that your guests will like it too.

My next post will concentrate on ideas that sound good on paper, but *may* in reality stray far from what is edible. I'm going to next tackle the wedding cake -- which is something that I think needs discussion. Why? Because most guests never really like/enjoy/devour the wedding cake. And I want to understand why-as a guest-and as a bride-to-be whose wedding is in 2 months!

Stay tuned!


A said...

I think most wedding cakes don't taste very good. People focus on the look of it instead of the taste. We went the opposite way at my wedding - it was made by a friend of my aunt, who just makes cakes out of her kitchen. She doesn't have a big business, she just likes to do it and takes whatever people she has time for and the opportunity to meet. It was fabulous. Our wedding was last June and people are still telling me how good my cake was. It was devoured. And it was delicious.

It was also lovely - but it wasn't over the top. It was three separate layers placed onto a lovely white tiered platter. So the cake wasn't actually stacked on itself. And she coordinated with our florist and put fresh flowers to match the bouquets all over the cake. It was perfect.

Kirs10LA said...

Glad that you're back! I have my tasting next weekend, I'm excited! Although my options are limited (because we have to have the SD Hilton cater), we're going for crowd pleaser favorites as well.