Sunday, May 11, 2008


Hey guys,

I'm really sorry I have been MIA the past few weeks. Besides dealing with the nitty gritty details for the wedding, I have been trying to wrap up all my deals at work, so I can go on our honeymoon worry-free.

I cannot believe that the wedding is actually here - I am SO excited.

Things have been falling into place, and I am just hoping that everyone has a lot of fun - I want it to feel like a total party, and if everyone enjoys themselves, then my ultimate goal has been fulfilled.

I want to let you, my readers, know, that I have not forsaken this blog. And although it may seem as if I don't take my own advice ("make time for other things besides your wedding"), I have been trying to exercise, keep up with my friends, and stay sane -- writing has always been my outlet, and I am very sad that I haven't been good about keeping up with it as much as I should have.

In a nutshell - I will be back - with a vengeance - after the wedding and honeymoon have come and gone - and I will DEFINITELY be posting photos, memories, etc. which will help tie in to my blog's theme -- hopefully I will not have been "that bride" - and I will share what went right, what didn't (I am really hoping there won't be many of those to share!), and what will help you plan your own affair.

I will try to write again before the big day -- and if not, I will try and check in from Italy (we will have TallGuy's Mac Air -- which was my wedding present to him :)

Stay tuned!