Friday, June 27, 2008


Some of you have already contacted me regarding the name of the band we used for our wedding. I have provided the info below, but want to make sure you all know I have absolutely NO affiliation/connection with this band (no one in the band is a friend or a family member, for example!), so you can be assured this is an honest assessment/review:

The name of the band is: "The Touch" -- they are not a "big band" -- which I love about them - it's about 5 or 6 guys who do what they do EXTREMELY well. To me, they feel very "unwedding-band" like, and just play really cool, fun music.

You can check out their site at, and you can reach their manager, Barbara, at omnipop entertainment --, 516.937.6011. She's extremely sweet and helpful, and will bend over backwards to accommodate even the most last-minute request.

My brother-in-law mentioned to me that he saw The Touch play a wedding at a friend of theirs the week before ours, and played Radiohead's "High and Dry". Radiohead is one of TallGuy's most favorite bands, so I asked Barbara a few days before the wedding if they could play that song, since it was one of his favorites.

Not only did they play the song extremely well, but the band leader did a little "shout out" before playing it - i.e. that it was a favorite of the groom's and I had requested it -- it was so amazing and TallGuy was so blown away.

Good luck to all with the band shopping!

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