Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Hello everyone! I hope you have all been well, and that each of you has had a wonderful and sunny beginning to your spring/summer season. I really appreciate the comments/posts from you guys, and your kind comments were so sweet and nice to come home to.

TallGuy and I are back from Italy, where we honeymooned for 2 weeks -- first in Venice, then in the Amalfi Coast. What an amazing time. We are jetlagged and tired, but still enjoying all of the memories that we have compiled in the past 2 weeks - both from the wedding and the trip.

Our wedding was May 17, 2008. And it was everything I could have ever dreamed it would be. The entire day (pre-wedding), and the actual ceremony and reception were exactly everything I wanted and hoped for - the day before (the night of the rehearsal dinner) was POURING RAIN - literally all day. I was worried that the day of the wedding would be the same - our wedding wasn't to be outside, but TallGuy and I did plan on doing photos at Grand Central Station, and there was a rooftop deck that could be used during the cocktail hour. Although rain wouldn't have made a huge logistical difference, I was hoping that it would at least be nice enough to take advantage of the outdoors. Was it ever! The day of the wedding - weather-wise - and everything else - was absolutely magical (at least to me). Saturday the 17th was a sunny, GORGEOUS day for photos and balmy enough for a partially outdoor cocktail hour, and all of our vendors turned out to be FANTASTIC.

Most importantly to me and TallGuy, all of our guests seemed to have so much fun. We wanted it to feel like an absolute party - more like a dinner party really - and I feel as if that goal was achieved.

Does that mean that everything went 100% to plan? Definitely not. In this series of posts, I'll certainly mention those elements, and how I learned from them.

While I am going to focus my attention in this series on my own wedding, I want everyone to know that I still identify with myself as The Wedding Fairy -- and my goal is ALWAYS to help people learn from my experiences. Please keep that in mind as you read my posts, look at my photos, and read about my thoughts. I want to share my ideas in order to help brides-to-be with their own planning--so if you have any questions, or comments, or want to do any general venting, please feel free. I love hearing from you, and having a dialogue with you guys is what makes this site interesting to me (and hopefully interesting to you all).

I know that I have a few comments/questions unrelated to this series to get to. And I promise I will get there.

For now, sit back and enjoy the show--the point is to entertain but also, of course, to help.

Here are a few photos from the wedding -- I still wish to remain identified as The Wedding Fairy (and hence remain anonymous, at least for now, on this blog), but I hope to post a few photos besides these "scenery shots" since a few of you have asked (I've posted on here of the back of me and TallGuy during the ceremony!)

Stay tuned!


Linda said...

Your flowers are amazing.

Kate said...

Yes! I agree - beautiful, beautiful flowers!

mom2lo said...

My goodness! That cake looks gorgeous and delicious! And are those cupcakes I see? Yum!!! And I agree that the flowers are absolutely beautiful, too!

Luckily our wedding was 2.5 years ago (whew!) but I still just L-O-V-E reading about the latest trends n' stuff. I'm really glad you're back 'cause I enjoy your blog bunches (I linked to your blog on mine)!!


Kim said...

What a great wedding! I also want to perform something like this! I am dreaming about a luxury car to hire, something like at limo hire London, great white dress, tons of flowers and guest.. and the honey moon of course. Where are you my prince ? 

The Wedding Fairy said...

Thanks to all for such sweet, thoughtful comments!!