Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Hello my lovely readers. I hope you all have been well. So sorry for the long pause in my writings, but I've been trying to think about what subject or topic to tackle next.

And I keep trying, and trying, and trying! I am having The Wedding Fairy version of writer's block.

I need some inspiration to get me started, and I think the best place to get it is from the people who know the most about the planning process--and the ups and downs that go along with it.

My request from you guys? I'd love your thoughts and observations from a wedding you recently attended (something you absolutely adored or completely hated), photos of an amazing (or atrocious) wedding cake or bridesmaid's dress, stories, rants...basically ANYTHING that you think will inspire conversation and debate.

I'd love to pull you guys into my writing process, and though I certainly don't like having writers block, it IS a nice way to get inspired AND get you all involved.

Thanks in advance - I can't wait to read the dirty details that you have to share, and see any amazing (or horrid) photos that you can send my way! Your ideas will certainly inspire me to begin a discussion based on your thoughts and feedback.

Stay tuned!


Mrs. in May said...

Have you seen the Waffle House Wedding? That'd get you thinking!


LaFlacaD aka Dianne said...

I've got some interesting weddings posted on my blog if you're looking for some inspiration...


I am thoroughly enjoying your blog!

JacquelineBarry said...

I would LOVE to hear about how you guys circulated at the reception and whether it was a bother or pleasure to visit with people and not settle down.

KM said...

If you're going to put tables on the dance floor -- only putting ONE there and then refering to it as the "MAYBE" table is EXTREMELY rude to the people who care and have put in the time, energy, and money to attend your wedding.

The bride showing off her huge lobster while everyone else had sub-par food was incredibly rude, also. You couldn't eat lobster on a separate day?

The wedding party obnoxiously talking about how they had unlimited alcohol while everyone else paid for a cash bar is incredibly rude.

I understand that the wedding is the celebration of two people, but a little courtesy and politeness can go a long, long, long way towards your guests.

The girl in the kitchen said...

The last wedding I went to my boyfriend was in the wedding party so I was left seated by myself. Theoretically this would have been fine because I knew some other people there. However, we were assigned tables. I only knew 2 people at the table where I was seated. And my seating card did not say my name, it said boyfriend's guest. Aside from that the wedding was fantastic.