Friday, May 08, 2009


Has anyone seen the movie "Bride Wars?"

I could not bring myself to watch it. I barely made it through the "Sex and the City Movie" (I had to turn it off and on about 3 separate times to make it through), so something even more superficial and trite was NOT up my alley in terms of viewership.

(by the way - Sorry to those who LOVED the SATC movie - or even liked/tolerated it. I happened to LOVE the show when it was on, but I found the dialogue in the movie, not to mention the general level of over-the-topness regarding Manolos! And Louis Vuitton! And [insert designer clothes or shoes here]!, really grating).

In any case, from what I understand, "Bride Wars" is about two best friends, who, due to a "clerical error", find out that their respective weddings at New York City's Plaza Hotel are on the same dates. (GASP!) Apparently, "hilarity" (or horrifying events, depending on whether or not you liked the movie) ensues, as both girls try to sabotage one another, I suppose, to maintain both their honor and their wedding dates.

Ugh. Movies like this really illuminate the ultimate cliche about a bride-to-be. And what I'm finding is that brides really ARE sharing with one another, and aren't competitive as this movie would suggest.

OK, I'm not necessarily talking about sharing a date/venue. However, my friend the other day was asking about the wedding band I used (The Touch), in hopes she could book them at her own affair. She will have many of the same friends at her event as were at mine - but she was more interested in making sure people had a good time, than worrying about using a band that some of her guests may have already heard, or known about.

Another dear friend (M) told me she had asked a close friend of hers (whose wedding dress she LOVED) if she would mind M trying it on - and if it fit and was "the one" for the event - if M could wear it for her own wedding. The friend happily obliged, and wasn't worried about M wearing her wedding dress. I think that's really nice.

Maybe these are small examples - but I do think that people these days are open to all ideas, and brainstorming based on being a guest at someone else's wedding is part of the process.

Competitiveness, be damned.

As I said, I don't know how "Bride Wars" ends, and maybe I should give the movie a bit more credit, considering I haven't even seen it.

However, the idea of two brides playing "tug of war" and being competitive for the sake of being competitive (if the Plaza is booked, one of the women can't find another venue? Come on), is not a bridal theory to which I subscribe.

I know that my friends who are brides-to-be don't either - and I think most women out there are just looking to plan a wonderful event, without ruining friendships or becoming nasty or competitive, whether it be about flowers, bridesmaids dresses, or anything else.

Stay tuned!


Cyn City said...

Bride Wars was awful...although I did enjoy SATC movie. Don't waste your time. They could have done a much better job. The brides just behaved completely childish throughout the whole movie.

Kate Hudson looks beautiful tho...only plus

Anonymous said...

My only unwed female cousin and I set our wedding date/times to be less than 36 hours apart, completely coincidentally, several hundred miles away from each other. After an 'Oh-No' or two, we mutually decided that there was no way to remain sane and attend the other's nuptials, so we used each other as sounding boards, advice, search engine help, and organized a convoy of the family between the connecting cities.
My step mom brought the cake stands that had been a hit at her and my dad's wedding. My friend emailed me an entire section from her wedding CEREMONY. All my recently married friends gave me all the contact info they had on their vendors if they liked them.
I'm sure there are little snots as brides out there; I'm simply happy that I don't tend to run into them.