Monday, September 07, 2009


On this beautiful Labor Day, TallGuy and I have been lazing about, watching the US Open on television and hanging out on our apartment's roof deck.

And what better way to relax and enjoy a day off from work than to spend it with TallGuy --and a Crumbs cupcake?

I am a NYC cupcake girl. I always have been, and I always will be. Whether it's Crumbs, Magnolia Bakery, or Buttercup, I am a sucker for the pastel frosting, pretty sprinkles, and sometimes - even candy coating (like the Reeses Peanut Butter Cupcake at Crumbs).

Bottom line - cupcakes are something I love, and for our wedding, they became an accidental source of inspiration and a highlight. What have I learned and hope that brides will take with them? Passions and loves can be found in both expected and unexpected places--and sources of inspiration are everywhere. When you love something and feel strongly about including that detail or item in your wedding, your guests will feel that positive energy.

Thursday before our wedding, I found out that our wedding favor (which was to be a small bag of pastry items/cookies for each guest) fell through. Our "vendor" basically flaked out on us-- and the afternoon before the rehearsal dinner, we were "favor-less".

After a few panicked phone calls to TallGuy and, I admit, several tears, I decided to take a walk to clear my head--and grab a cupcake to console myself.

As I walked towards Crumbs to get a vanilla cupcake w/ rainbow sprinkles (my favorite), I realized that the answer was staring me in the face.

Although I felt that many brides did cupcakes as a favor, I thought to myself "This is something I love. Why shouldn't I!?"

I went home and placed a few calls to different vendors. First Crumbs. Then Magnolia. Then Buttercup.

Buttercup Bake Shop ( had the best deal for a large assortment of cupcakes, and with their pastel, spring-like colors, I thought they would be a wonderful complement to our spring "english garden" concept.

Oh - AND they could fill an order of 100 cupcakes in 2 days!

The bake shop couldn't deliver them on a weekend, but no matter. My parents were gracious enough to offer their car, and we got them to the Yale Club on time and in one piece.

The cupcakes were a huge hit that evening. Not only did guests stuff bags with cupcakes to take home, many were munching on them while dancing to our amazing band, The Touch.

Many of my friends told me how much they loved the little detail and how "TallGuy and Wedding Fairy" they really were. I was so thrilled.

A last-minute, "gut" decision paid off. While the favor was a little bit more than I would have normally spent, I thought the few extra dollars was worth it.

Having something I absolutely loved at the wedding, even as simply a little detail, was really wonderful, because we felt as if the guests really enjoyed it.

As you plan your wedding, think about your loves and passions--and ways to incorporate them into your day. Even walking down the street can be a source of brainstorming, as the Crumbs storefront was for me.

No matter what you do - realize that when things "go wrong", there is always an answer. Remembering that can keep you as a gracious, level-headed bride, no matter what adversity you face.

Stay tuned! And have a cupcake!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


I was looking at Martha Stewart weddings, and I came across an adorable and a little bit off-the-beaten path wedding favor.

Made out of sugar cookies. Yum yum yum.

Martha suggests stacking basic sugar cookies to look like baby wedding cakes. Icing fastens the "layers" of the cake, and all is topped off with sugar flowers. Cute packaging seals the cakes with class.

Sweet and sugary favors are always a big hit!

Click here for the recipe.

Enjoy and stay tuned!