Monday, November 30, 2009


Was reading In Style Weddings, and I loved their feature on little black bridesmaid dresses.

Not only is "the little black dress" always in style and chic, it's something bridesmaids can wear again - to a cocktail party, to another wedding, to a restaurant, whereever!

What's great, too, is that a black dress can always dress things up - so shorter dresses can work when you may not expect them to.

Just a little food for thought.

Stay tuned!

Monday, November 23, 2009


....though this picture, on this post, will only be worth a few hundred :-)

I did a post a while back about finding inspiration in every day life.

I absolutely love this photograph of Grand Central Station, and there are a lot of things to be found in here:

1) Taking architectural details from a favorite site and incorporating such details into invitations. If you love Grand Central and are having a NYC wedding, why not use that as your "theme" and incorporate its elements into your wedding?

2) Finding the unexpected in the expected. I didn't chose a standard photo of Grand Central Station, as I was drawn to this beautiful shot. Not everything has to be "the norm" or what you "should" do.

3) Use the elements around you. There's a reason that so many brides - including myself - choose to take photos at Grand Central. If you don't live in Manhattan, there are plenty of places that would make amazing backdrops for wedding/bridal party photos.

One of my favorite spots in Manhattan....which I wanted to share with you!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


In this economy, it's easy to feel the pinch when it comes to budgeting a wedding and honeymoon. For those who are lucky enough to have parents or friends "gift" them a honeymoon, sometimes there is even more pressure to find a honeymoon spot that won't "break the bank" or cost too much.

A few months ago, TallGuy and I traveled to Hawaii--we almost went there for our honeymoon, so we decided to go there as our next "big" trip.

For the first part our trip, we stayed in the beautiful island of Kauai. Only in Kauai can you see something like this image, which is what we saw aerially from a Blue Hawaiian helicopter.

The B&B we stayed at was absolutely breathtaking - and surprisingly affordable (of course, relative to other luxurious honeymoon spots).

The Dilly Dally House in Kapaa (the eastern region of Kauai) overlooks beautiful mountains, is away from everything, and is a completely luxurious and fantastic retreat With home cooked breakfasts, beautiful views, and gracious husband and wife team hosting us, TallGuy and I had a fantastic time.

We stayed in the Cottage, which was separate from the main house (and had its luxurious own outdoor shower!). As the most expensive option, the Cottage was $185.00/night -- the least expensive room in the house (which looks amazing on the website) is $115.00/night.

With only 4 rooms in the entire property, this was an intimate and amazing getaway - in fact, most of the couples we met during our time there were young and on their honeymoons!

Just wanted to throw this out there for those looking for somewhere exotic that isn't over the top, price wise. As for getting to Hawaii? That may be a different story :)

Stay tuned!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Coordinating schedules and getting people in one place- for a shower/bachelorette party- can be a logistical nightmare.

Oftentimes, friends and family are scattered about the country (or coming in from another one!), and it's important to remember this - even when you as the bride are not planning the activities.

So what happens if a lot attendees are from out of town? My suggestion? Combine, combine, combine.

For people traveling, it's great to fly in for the bachelorette party on a Saturday night, and then go to the shower on the day following.

Alternatively - think you're b-party will be too rowdy, leaving you hungover and tired to meet your parents' friends the following day? Have your b-party on a Friday, and the shower on a Sunday. That leaves you room for down-time and hanging out w/ out of towners on Saturday.

Keep the lines of communication open with your MOH or whomever is planning the events. Don't rest on your I'm the bride" laurels!

If your friends are relaxed and not stressed about coming in for an event - the more fun they will have - and the more fun you will have, too!

Stay tuned!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Remember the wedding band from the movie "Old School?"

So awesome. And so amazing. For a movie (not sure you want grandma listening to that band's version of "Total Eclipse of the Heart").

But I've heard of some major wedding band nightmares in the real world (playing the wrong songs, doing weird and random shout-outs, or generally "cheesing it up"), and I think the first and most important rule of thumb when choosing a wedding band is this:

Would YOU love this band - as a guest - if it were playing at someone else's wedding?

Wedding bands tend to live up to their name - and not in a good way.

I love wedding bands that don't sound like wedding bands. And that's what I think makes a wedding band great.

I was reading in the New York Times about The Dexter Lake Club Band, and the article was EXACTLY on point with my feelings on the subject. A band that does weddings that isn't a wedding band.

I checked out the band's website, and listened to few of the clips provided. (American Girl = Awesome. Come On Eileen = Awesome).

I have no idea how expensive this band is, but it seems well worth it.

I also love The Touch (and am partial to them since they played at my wedding :)

Just something to keep in mind as you do your search for music....

Stay tuned!


OK. I'll confess. I watch America's Next Top Model (ANTM) more than I'd like to admit.

There's a "Cycle 13" marathon on today - the episode I'm watching now is the "makeover" session -- a "Ty Over" is in the works for each of these wannabe models. ("Ty Over" = a Tyra Banks' makeover -what, you've never heard of this term before? :)

I understand for models that it's important to get a "signature look". (And what's more entertaining on ANTM than the make over episode)?.

As I watched, I started thinking about how many brides end up trying a new hairdo, or wearing completely different makeup, on the day of their weddings -- and end up looking completely different then, well, themselves.

I understand the importance of wanting to look absolutely beautiful and amazing on the day of your wedding. Just make sure you stay true to yourself and, well, LOOK like yourself!

Don't get carried away by the idea of having an updo because you think it's more bridal. If you don't normally wear updos, or try it out and think you don't look like yourself? Take it out. Go natural.

Which is NOT to say I don't love updos. I do. And for some brides, they totally work. For me - it totally didn't, and I went with what was comfortable.

Love that MAC makeup shade that they use at your makeup trial - but you feel like something is 'Off"? Go with your instinct.

Bottom line - have a hair/makeup session done long before the wedding, to make sure you get what you want. Or, if you are trying to save money, do your hair/makeup yourself (or have a good friend or family member do it for you).

Guests want to be able to celebrate with the real you - not the you that you think they want to see! A "signature look" may work on a reality show - or even a catwalk - but not for walking down the aisle.

Stay tuned!