Saturday, November 14, 2009


Remember the wedding band from the movie "Old School?"

So awesome. And so amazing. For a movie (not sure you want grandma listening to that band's version of "Total Eclipse of the Heart").

But I've heard of some major wedding band nightmares in the real world (playing the wrong songs, doing weird and random shout-outs, or generally "cheesing it up"), and I think the first and most important rule of thumb when choosing a wedding band is this:

Would YOU love this band - as a guest - if it were playing at someone else's wedding?

Wedding bands tend to live up to their name - and not in a good way.

I love wedding bands that don't sound like wedding bands. And that's what I think makes a wedding band great.

I was reading in the New York Times about The Dexter Lake Club Band, and the article was EXACTLY on point with my feelings on the subject. A band that does weddings that isn't a wedding band.

I checked out the band's website, and listened to few of the clips provided. (American Girl = Awesome. Come On Eileen = Awesome).

I have no idea how expensive this band is, but it seems well worth it.

I also love The Touch (and am partial to them since they played at my wedding :)

Just something to keep in mind as you do your search for music....

Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

We did have a very traditional wedding cause it's boring and too expensive. We got tungsten wedding bands instead of gold rings and we use an iPod instead of a DJ or band because who wants to pay a ton for covers or something you could do yourself!