Thursday, November 19, 2009


In this economy, it's easy to feel the pinch when it comes to budgeting a wedding and honeymoon. For those who are lucky enough to have parents or friends "gift" them a honeymoon, sometimes there is even more pressure to find a honeymoon spot that won't "break the bank" or cost too much.

A few months ago, TallGuy and I traveled to Hawaii--we almost went there for our honeymoon, so we decided to go there as our next "big" trip.

For the first part our trip, we stayed in the beautiful island of Kauai. Only in Kauai can you see something like this image, which is what we saw aerially from a Blue Hawaiian helicopter.

The B&B we stayed at was absolutely breathtaking - and surprisingly affordable (of course, relative to other luxurious honeymoon spots).

The Dilly Dally House in Kapaa (the eastern region of Kauai) overlooks beautiful mountains, is away from everything, and is a completely luxurious and fantastic retreat With home cooked breakfasts, beautiful views, and gracious husband and wife team hosting us, TallGuy and I had a fantastic time.

We stayed in the Cottage, which was separate from the main house (and had its luxurious own outdoor shower!). As the most expensive option, the Cottage was $185.00/night -- the least expensive room in the house (which looks amazing on the website) is $115.00/night.

With only 4 rooms in the entire property, this was an intimate and amazing getaway - in fact, most of the couples we met during our time there were young and on their honeymoons!

Just wanted to throw this out there for those looking for somewhere exotic that isn't over the top, price wise. As for getting to Hawaii? That may be a different story :)

Stay tuned!

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