Monday, November 23, 2009


....though this picture, on this post, will only be worth a few hundred :-)

I did a post a while back about finding inspiration in every day life.

I absolutely love this photograph of Grand Central Station, and there are a lot of things to be found in here:

1) Taking architectural details from a favorite site and incorporating such details into invitations. If you love Grand Central and are having a NYC wedding, why not use that as your "theme" and incorporate its elements into your wedding?

2) Finding the unexpected in the expected. I didn't chose a standard photo of Grand Central Station, as I was drawn to this beautiful shot. Not everything has to be "the norm" or what you "should" do.

3) Use the elements around you. There's a reason that so many brides - including myself - choose to take photos at Grand Central. If you don't live in Manhattan, there are plenty of places that would make amazing backdrops for wedding/bridal party photos.

One of my favorite spots in Manhattan....which I wanted to share with you!


mina said...

what a gorgeous photo!

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no words about of this place.
i really like this photo.

WeddingChannel_Marlisse said...

Great picture and great advice! I especially love the first one! Invitations are a great way to set the mood/tone of the wedding. Thanks for posting this!

April said...

Yep a picture does paint a thousand words.It's hard to capture cherished moments without having a good photographer take the right picture at the right moment.Great photo!