Tuesday, January 04, 2011


My friends at the Knot have an interesting forecast I wanted to share with you - their top 11 Wedding Trends for 2011!

The Knot paragraphs are in quotes. My thoughts are in bold! I think brides-to-be can draw a lot of inspiration from these ideas.

"1. Prohibition-Era Elegance: So long, Mad Men—the most stylish new show is Boardwalk Empire and brides are noticing. From dusty nudes and lace dresses for the ladies to wing-tip shoes for the men, couples are falling in love with the dapper fashion of the 1920s. And it wouldn’t feel like Prohibition without alcohol. To reinterpret the boozy nights of the Roaring ’20s, couples are serving up “moonshine” and Prohibition “bathtub gin” in their very own speakeasy bar, all while guests dance the night away—to jazz, naturally."

Just the other night, I was watching Boardwalk Empire (on HBO) and thinking about the AMAZING fashions of that era (especially Margaret's dresses after she starts seeing Nucky!) The flapper style was so elegant, and it deserves a comeback - in a big way!

"2. The Redefined Princess: With a royal wedding around the corner, you can bet Kate Middleton’s going to alter what princess style is all about. Put away the ball-gown skirt because the new princess silhouette will be body-skimming but with a bold train. Add statement-making headwear like tasteful tiaras (seriously!) and cathedral-length veils. And you can count on sophisticated sequins and beading showing up on everything from the wedding dress to the floral arrangements and the wedding cake."

For further style inspiration, check out actress Grace Kelly's wedding gown when she wed the Prince of Monaco in 1956. Probably one of the most elegant royal wedding dresses EVER.

"3. Sultry Ballerina Style: From feathered headpieces and shredded fabrics to airy plumes and pale pinks paired with black, the look of the season is all about Black Swan, right down to an ambience where everything happens after 8 p.m. One idea we love? Romantic ceremonies by candlelight."

I have always LOVED ballerina style - the magic of ballerina beauty has never been more evident to me as the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker. Just looking at images of ballerinas can give any bride-to-be inspiration. See also this awesome photo from the Knot (photo credit The Knot.com/Clark + Walker Studio)

"4. Ivy League Chic: From Fair Isle sweaters to Vineyard Vines ties and Tommy Hilfiger blazers, preppy chic is back in a big way, and weddings aren’t immune. Brides will be channeling their inner Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl or Ali MacGraw from Love Story and incorporating Ivy League-chic details like plaids and stripes for the perfect remix of retro, preppy sensibility."

Ahhh -- the preppy chic of Love Story!! For anyone who does not know that movie, rent it on Netflix ASAP! If for no other reason than to see an amazingly handsome Ryan O'Neal!

"5. Exotic Indian Inspiration: From Katy Perry’s Indian wedding and Eat, Pray, Love to Nicole Richie’s exotic elephant as a wedding greeter, India will definitely be the “it” country for wedding inspiration. Think vibrant color palettes like purples, reds and golds, lavish d├ęcor elements such as beading and rich drapery, and exotic, spicy dishes."

Rich colors are a wonderful way to paint a blank canvas -- i.e. a loft space that needs major dressing up.

"6. Wedding Man Caves: Blackjack tables, brandy bars, PlayStations and stogies. The man cave has officially moved from the home to the wedding, so don’t be surprised if you see all the male wedding guests in the new “groom’s corner” at the reception."

I like the idea of a brandy bar - a cigar bar may sound like a logical extension, but since cigars are stinky and bad for you, stick to alcohol or video games :)

"7. Prewedding PJ Parties: This isn’t Bachelorette Party, Part Two. Before the big day, brides will be planning a night of pampering and bonding via JHS-style slumber parties, complete with matching pj’s of course."

Cute and inexpensive idea - maybe an alternative to the actual bachelorette party!

"8. Food Truck Fun: Waffles, tacos and dumplings, oh my! People’s hunger for gourmet food trucks has seeped into weddings, and brides will be embracing it wholeheartedly by requesting makeshift sidewalk carts during the cocktail hour or food trucks for the wedding after-party."

Yum, food trucks! They are all over Manhattan, and a hot commodity these days. To bring them to your wedding will make everyone happy!

"9. Haute Desserts: Blame it on the popularity of Top Chef: Just Desserts, Amazing Cakes and Cake Boss, but desserts and wedding cakes will be taking center stage with gourmet flavor and haute style. Chocolate tart with a dash of sea salt, anyone?"

I watched Top Chef Just Desserts - and there were definitely some amazing things that can inspire a girl on that show! However, I will say there were a few of those chefs that I would NOT hire, based on personality alone :)

"10. Video Guest Books: Building on the popularity of “wedding photo booths”, wedding guests can expect confessional-style video booths and even iPads dressed up as guest books as the newest way to “write” well wishes to the happy couple. Bonus? Postwedding, couples can easily share their guest book online via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Vimeo."

Very cute idea - I like this better than the glare of the camera lights as the videographer goes from table to table. That always seems very intrusive. This is a good way to get people involved, in a less instrusive way.

"11. Surprise Honeymoons: Couples will be taking a cue from Chelsea Clinton’s wedding and have the groom plan a surprise honeymoon."

This certainly would be a nice surprise, wouldn't it ladies? Maybe get your hints in as early as possible. :)

Thanks to my friends at The Knot for sharing these fab ideas! Stay tuned!


Tails from the City said...

I can't imagine where I would have ended up on a surprise honeymoon, but I actually LOVE that idea. Great post!

srini said...

Its very nice

Kelsey Pace said...

I'm a wedding videographer and we are always trying to do new things for our wedding clients. A video guestbook is a great idea (guests could maybe share funny stories about the couple along with their best wishes?) Thanks for the inspiration!

Chelsea said...

I love this article! Great post!



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