Tuesday, April 02, 2013


So, how about you?

I've noticed that many of you have very passionate responses to my earlier posts - I think it's great that my blog has sparked such dialogue.

The goal of my blog has NEVER been, and NEVER will be, to make ANYONE feel badly about their personal choices. I have written and re-written posts to ensure that they are reasoned, measured, and devoid of any snark or sarcasm. I admittedly haven't written in a while, so perhaps my 29 and 30 year old self was far less mature than my 34 year old one. So to anyone who feels offended, my apologies.

But the idea of Don't Be That Bride is to provide thoughts and commentary on things that I've seen. It is not a judgment on you specifically, your specific choices, or the wedding industry in general. Have I judged certain scenarios or situations or people based on MY experiences? Sure. Because I lived through those experiences and dealt with those people -- and I have seen what I deem to be really offensive and ridiculous things. Like a good friend knowing that my serious boyfriend (who is now my husband of five years) and I are re-arranging our trip to Paris to be at her wedding -- and then my serious boyfriend/now husband not being invited to the wedding (at a wedding, by the way, where I knew know no one), because she later told me he didn't fall into the category of "engaged" or "married". (As an aside, if you were wondering, this was a very lavish wedding, and did not appear to be an issue of cost).

That's what started this blog. Perhaps you disagree with me here -- but I was in this predicament, and I can tell you that it really sucked and feelings were hurt. 

If you enjoy reading my blog, that's great, and keep doing so. If you don't and think I'm offensive? That certainly isn't the intention -- but if you feel that way, then move on. People who write nasty responses to my posts, in my opinion, are doing exactly what they claim is so wrong about Don't Be That Bride (which I respectfully believe is not the case at all - but that's just one girl's opinion!) I have enough readers who have left positive comments, or written to me personally, to know that people have enjoyed this blog -- maybe not every single post (!), but the fact that I have made people happy, or smile, or think about an issue, makes me want to keep writing. So thank you guys for that.

So, here's the deal -- I am curious to hear from readers who have had positive experiences with certain concepts I've written about (whether I've "agreed" or "disagreed" with them) -- whether the sweetheart table, grand entrance, videographer, plus 1 conundrum, little black bridesmaid dress, whatever. Please send me your stories. We could all use some positivity. Constructive responses only.

If you send in a response, I'd like to post your thoughts, interwoven into an upcoming blog post -- so we ALL can learn what has worked, what hasn't, and how things can be better for others.

Thanks for staying tuned into this. I know a lot of people read this, and I so appreciate it.

I wish I could write more than I do - juggling a 2 year old, husband, and being a full time job in Manhattan (with an 1 1/2 commute each way) makes it difficult to get here. But I love when I do - and I love hearing from you all the time.

Stay tuned!